Top Tips Successful Leaders Used To Boost Their Confidence

Take your confidence levels a notch higher!

Do you have a desire to become confident? Are people born with confidence or does it build over time? Well, it is both. This is according to a recent survey conducted by Helene Lerner, the founder of, on the top 500 highly confident women executives.

According to the survey, more than half of those interviewed believed that confidence was a combination of both innate qualities and time. 1% of the respondents believed that confidence entailed genetics alone. The million-dollar question is, how do you become more confident?

One sure thing is that for you to become more confident, you must get out of your comfort zone. By doing this, you win or lose thereby boosting your confidence. What should you do to take your confidence levels a notch higher?

The following amazing and effective tips will help you take your confidence to a whole new level:

Tip #1: Always Remember That You Are Not Alone

Confidence with a big “C” is always a myth. Not everyone is confident. Actually, most people struggle with confidence issues just like you. The only advantage that confident-seeming individuals have is that they are always able to project confidence and take action. They do this even if they feel terrified on the inside.

Tip #2: Choose a Role Model

Do you have a leader you admire? If you don’t, then it is time to find one. After finding him or her, ask yourself, what qualities does he or she possess? Which of those qualities would you want or need to build up and which ones do you already have?

What steps do you need to take in order to develop those qualities? By asking and answering these questions, you will surely find a starting point to becoming more confident.

Tip #3: Upgrade Your Network

What does upgrading your network mean? It simply means that you choose someone who would be an extremely powerful and useful contact to you. So what do you need to do to meet this person?

Do you have a mutual contact that can introduce you? Prior to your meeting, you need to do your homework right. Find as much information as possible about your new contact. This will help you get adequate information about him or her.

Tip #4: Scrutinize Your Career

What position or role do you ultimately want to have? Which skills does that role require? Pin them down. Compare them with the skills you already have. Make a plan and purpose to acquire the skills you need.

Tip #5: Avoid Self Doubt

Giving in to self-doubt is disastrous. Remember that it is no accident that you are in a leadership or power position. Always remember that you have everything it takes to be in that position. Other people believe in you. Therefore, prove them right.

Tip #6: Own both Your Weaknesses and Strengths

You need to own your strengths and weaknesses. Find ways to turn your weaknesses into strengths. Start doing everything it takes to make it happen. However, deal with one area or step at a time. This way, you’ll avoid getting overwhelmed.

Tip #7: Have Priorities

Take a closer look at your priorities. Do you feel overwhelmed by things that you need to do? Do you feel as if they are too many? Do you always find yourself doing the low-impact things first? If so, what are you avoiding? Why are you avoiding it?

The basic thing is to do the most important things first. As you start your day, start with the most important and urgent tasks. The rest can wait until you are done.

Tip #8: Try Something New

Life is too short to be boring and predictable. Consequently, always be flexible and willing to try something new. It could be something as simple as approaching a stranger at the mall or a prominent individual at a business function.

Anytime you feel uneasy, always remember that it is because of trying to stretch your own boundaries. The best attribute about discomfort is that it equals growth.

Tip #9: Be Kind to Yourself

Take a few minutes to jot down everything you have accomplished during the past one or two weeks. You will be more than surprised and impressed with yourself.

Therefore, do it! After doing it, slip a number of those accomplishments in your next conversation with your customers. The truth is that modesty has never worked in business.

Tip #10: Take Stock of Your Strengths

The last thing you want to do is put unrealistic expectations on yourself. Sadly, this is exactly what most people do. Granted, this will pull you down. Adjust your own expectations.

This is regardless of whether it means altering your timetable for accomplishments or getting other people to help. Just like you gently treat your colleagues or friends, you deserve to do the same for yourself.

Tip #11: Trust Your Gut

Where exactly do you need to go? Your instincts, intelligence, and experience will take you there. Consequently, the next time a challenging situation presents itself, take decisive action by trusting your gut.

Tip #12: Don’t Be Too Harsh On Yourself

Unfortunately, most people are too harsh on themselves. To be on the safe side, give yourself credit because you deserve it. For instance, have you grown in the past six months?

Have you touched and positively transformed the lives of other people? If your answer is yes, then you need to celebrate these accomplishments. So celebrate!

Tip #13: Take Stock of Everything You Do

You should audit your life occasionally. You should be accountable for every action you do. List your actions in order to know which areas to improve on. Do not live an unaccountable life. Read positive books.

Watch positive and inspiring movies. Be around positive people. This way, you’ll discover that life does not have to be all about negativity.

The thirteen tips above will surely help you grow your confidence immensely.

Written ByElizabeth Minda is a highly talented author with a leading financial magazine. You can find her amazing tips and information on national debt relief.

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