Top 2017 Social Media Trends you don’t want to miss out

Social Media Communication and Marketing

With the passing of time, new technology and new ideas have evolved. Long gone are the days of door-to-cofounders, social media marketing has stormed over the staples of the business world.

It is here to stay and will continue to keep evolving all the while having a significant impact on our daily lives. Social media is also the easiest and cheapest way of flashing the brands, the popular platforms being Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Staying connected with customers has entered a new level with many new social media marketing services offers in the digital market.

Hence, since the world is turning more towards such technologically advanced changes, it is important to stay aware of the latest media trends. In this article, find 7 media trends out of many to give a brief overview of the latest revolutions and if you’re interested in updating yourself with the hot media buzz then keep on reading.

The power of contents

Content Marketing for your Business
Content Marketing for Your Business

The need for content writing and writers is going to increase for the year 2017 rapidly. With new algorithm innovations almost on a daily basis, it is getting harder and harder the cracking organic content codes, and therefore Social Media Marketing Companies will turn to paid content writers for the job to be done for further money-making.

Since the participants of online media platforms are interested in fun and exciting content even for the case of knowledgeable information; hence, the demand for interactive content is likely to be higher than mainstream content.

Chatbots enter the next level

Time has bid adieu to the old chatbot pop-ups. With technology, it has become more sophisticated. Constant updates and renovation of chatbots have revolutionized it in many ways and it is now one of the trendiest media features for this year and years to come.

The multi-personalization of chatbots has now made it very existing that at a certain point it becomes difficult to identify if the other end of it is a human or a robot and this further marks the progress of chatbots.

It also plays a major role as a customer servicing staple. Customers active on social media usually prefer fast and quick responses to their doubts and concerns and with the incorporation of chatbots into CRM the solutions are delivered instantly.

Rise of automated tools

The internet is such a versatile platform that allows anyone and everyone to have access to it for businesses and set up and while it gives out a great opportunity to all, it also means that there will be a higher level of competition, millions and millions of competitors competing to stand out.

The trend of automated tools is rising due to the competition factor. Every kind of business is aiming to produce the perfect content, websites, and designs, for the right users at the right time. More automation means more leads and hence is definitely a rising trend for the days to come.

Media takeover through Mobile phones

The term ‘future is in your hands’ has entered a literal era, where it is actually in our hands, that is, mobile handsets. Research and survey have proved that mobile internet traffic clearly exceeds desktop traffics with over two billion smartphone users around the globe.

The world is clearly getting attached to handsets more and more with different ways of staying connected to them. The trend of making Smartphone users the targeted audience is increasing drastically over the years and hence almost all Social Media Marketing companies are enabling the mobile version of their websites to make it mobile and user-friendly to the maximum.

Social network features evolving into a revolution

New social network trends are spreading like wildfires such as Instagram and Facebook given the circumstances that these platforms do not have limitations when it comes to content uploads and also don’t need constant updates like other online platforms. Another infamous trend is Snapchat, which has made a home run in the world of Social Media Marketing.

Snapchat has enabled moment focused view of communication which allows users to experience life with the app. As we all know how other media platforms like Instagram borrows ideas from Snapchat features and thanks to the catch-up game, an Instagram user also experiences live communication and time-specific story shares on the app. Businesses are and should expect huge and great things from such advancements and definitely take advantage of them for further progress.

The fast growth of online shopping

Online Wallet for Shopping
Online Wallet for all kinds of online payments

The idea of shopping online in the comfort of our own house is increasing like never before. Once upon a time, online shoppers were a limited group of people which is not the case anymore. Purchasing products online is becoming everyone’s first choice, and while the infamous sites like Amazon and eBay are still the top seller, social media have turned up their game by incorporating market platforms with their websites.

The Buy Buttons are gaining more popularity leaving less room for third-party sites. This trend is likely to create fireworks on media marketing as the means of shopping and apparently become apparent like never before.

New business features and analytic tools

Social Media Reports and Analytics
Social Media Reports and Analytics

Social media aren’t about individuals anymore unlike the good old days when it was all about socializing. Social Media Marketing and Social Media Marketing services have expanded their attention to business promotions for larger leads.

According to a survey, around thirty-six percent of businesses use analytics for social media competitions. If this trend continues to rise then it only means that the future will be packed with highly improved business features and analytics tools and will surely make way for targeted marketing.

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