How Can These Top 5 Features of Taxi Booking App Make Your App Successful Like Uber or Lyft?

Taxi booking app features

There are several thoughts that come to your mind when you start your own business. The biggest goal of any business is surviving the competition and earning profits. For that, you need to overcome challenges and stay motivated To win your customers you need to stay updated with the latest trends in technology.

The taxi booking app is one such segment that demands you improve each day with new features. The taxi booking field was full of chaos before they had a taxi booking app introduced to the consumers. The customers were not happy with the then taxi booking system as they had to deal with late arrivals, poor behavior of drivers, and a huge billing amount.

With the ride-hailing services introduced to the user’s fingertips, they could feel the ease provided by the taxi booking app. The customers these days, don’t just desire services but they expect something additional. They are always looking for getting experience. If you provide your customers with an enhanced user experience it plays the role of cherry on the cake.

With the changing trends, it has become very essential for every business to maintain its online visibility. And as mobile has become an inseparable part of our lives, your business should be accessible through that tiny device too.

Each entrepreneur is trying to take the business to a higher level by using the medium of the internet. The taxi businesses are not anything different than current trends. They are also trying to touch new heights by going online.

Why should you have your own mobile app?

To be very frank, in the 21st century, if you are not online, be very sure that your business is doomed to fail. In order to reach more and more customers and increase your sales, you need to have your own mobile app for taxi booking.

Also, if you want to make it easier for your customers to book your taxi, having an app will do wonders. The taxi booking app can help you converse with your customers through a very user-friendly interface and user-oriented designs.

Know the missing piece of the puzzle

If you want to make it big in the ride-hailing industry, you must know what the users actually need and what the current system is lacking. Smart work can help your quick growth. You need to stay updated to face the competition and survive in the market.

You need to find out the loopholes in the existing system and then provide the solutions that can fill those loopholes through your taxi booking app. For example, research the problems that a customer is facing in terms of taxi booking like whether the cab reaches the pick-up point on time or whether the customers are able to find the nearby taxis.

Confirm if they are provided the estimated rates beforehand. Knowing in-depth about customer issues will help you connect with them in a much more proper way and provide them with improved service. This will help you stand out in the current scenario of taxi services.

Uber – how it was born?

Uber started out with the co-founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp’s vision to create something that would help the common people to deal with the irritating problem of finding a cab every day. They wanted to find out a permanent solution to deal with the issue of not being able to find cars everywhere in the world. That’s how Uber as a ride-hailing service came into existence.

After that, there is no looking back. Uber earned first place in the list of top travel category apps in November 2018. They have maintained the best blend of quality, price, and timely delivery. They have expanded the branches to various other niches to explore and succeed in most of them.

Lyft – the idea behind

Logan Green and John Zimmer started Zimride in 2007, which was a ridesharing company that offered long-distance rides. But they realized the drawbacks as they were unable to offer short-distance rides. To cover it, they launched Lyft in 2012.

They used the mobile app, to make it easier for their customers to connect with the drivers and get their rides booked. They made sure they empathized with their customers and implemented customer needs to achieve the success that is visible today.

5 features that you can consider for your taxi booking app

1. Outstation bookings

The most important feature that you need to include in your taxi booking app is allowing the users to book outstation bookings. With this feature, you can provide your customers with taxi services within cities.

Using this module the customer can book a taxi ride from one city to another just with a tap on their mobile phone. You can either show the estimated rate based on the distance between the cities or based on the time required to travel.

2. Day hire

You can add day hire as a feature in your taxi booking app which allows your customers to book a cab for the whole day. This can enable them to travel the whole day at their own convenience. This feature can allow your customers to hire a cab with a driver for the full day or for a particular time period.

You can set the rates depending on the kilometers the customer has traveled in order to make it easier to calculate the final amount. Allowing day hire makes your customers feel that they are traveling in their own car.

3. Prime memberships

Another popular feature that Uber and Lyft are offering to riders is prime membership. This exclusive feature can make your taxi booking app sensational among your customers. Allow your customers to choose their own membership plan according to their needs.

This feature promises to gain you more and more customers every day. You just need to keep pricing for your various membership plans and see the magic!

4. Car sharing

These days, carpooling is in vogue. It is not only an excellent and affordable option for your customers but also helps in saving the environment. You should definitely consider this feature for your Uber-like taxi booking app in order to have more customers and do a little good to nature.

5. Manage your own trip

This option gives a feel to your users that they are managing their own trips. They can put up special requests to the drivers like baby seats and wheelchairs. If you serve your customer’s special requests then you will be able to provide them with an experience they are unlikely to forget. Next time, be sure they are going to choose you over everyone else.

After reading these features, you might like to add them to your taxi booking app. With these simple but attractive features, you can do wonders for the taxi sector. So, put your seatbelts on and get going with the best mobile app development company to help you out with your taxi booking app.

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