Ultra-fast page load time with WP Rocket

Is your WordPress blog/site running slow? Your sites page load time is more? Tried most of the available free cache plugins? Still no luck in improving page load time?

Yehh our website is also suffering from the same issues since long and we are now out of it with WP Rocket, which is one of the best configurable cache plugin we have come across. It’s been almost 2 months our site is running on WP Rocket and observed wonderful improvements in terms of performance.

We performed page speed test in Pingdom Tools which is one of the best page speed analyzer tool to test the page load time, analyze and find bottlenecks of a particular site or page. If you could observe the snapshots which shows that our website is slower than 97% of all the tested websites as the page load time was 60s means almost a minute to load our site which is very very huge.

The Pingdowm tools reports helped us to figure out where we can improve our sites performance. There after instead of modifying our sites scripts decided to search for the plugins which can take care of the performance issues which we are facing. And found some post in Google Plus about WP Rocket, there after thought we should give it a try.

WP Rocket is premium plugin which is developed by a couple of WordPress developers from France. WP Rocket provides you many options to configure in their settings page, filled with ready to go in terms of optimizing a website to improve page load time. Don’t worry it is not complicated as other cache plugins available in market, it just took few seconds to configure and the site is ready to propel our site to the stars. The moment we saved the configuration, the page load was pretty fast just like rocket speed and decided to test our site again with Pingdom Tools which says “Your website is faster than 72% of all tested websites” – it’s just simply WoW – we have seen a huge improvement in page load time and now it the site loads in 1 second – we cannot express our happiness after seeing this result.

Let’s have a look at what WP Rocket is providing us:

  • Lazy load images
  • Google Font Optimization
  • HTML, CSS, JS files Minification – Static file compression
  • Concatenation of all CSS and JS files to reduce HTTP requests
  • Enabling cache for mobile devices including SSL cache and have an option to control cache lifespan
  • DNS Prefetching
  • Can configure CDN
  • Browser Caching
  • Image Optimization

and more to count on with few in-built tools, tutorials, general FAQs and has wonderful support system.

As it is a premium WordPress cache plugin, it do cost around $39 – but worth considering the plugin to save lot of your development time to modify your site to cover the features provided by this wonderful WP Rocket quick WordPress cache plugin.

So friends, don’t waste your time or don’t invest on optimizing the site to cover the above features – the team at WittySparks highly recommends WP Rocket Cache Plugin to save your time/money – so that you can spend the same time and money on your sites content or your business.

Hope you found this plugin very useful. Already using this plugin? Then why not share your experience with our readers.

Published by Sravan Kumar

A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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