Want to Publish an App in the App Store? 5 Easy Things To Ponder

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Are you planning to launch an application in the app store? Do you know that there are important things that you need to consider in mind before launching an app in the app store?

In this vast world of application development, the chances are high that you might overlook crucial things. Forming the right launch plan, reaping success in the App Store, and recalling users for the long term is a multi-step process that straightaway determines the success of your mobile app.

These days, the app ecosystem is more competitive, and statistics show that various applications are not generating much income. So, what you will do to boost the chances of success of your application? Here, we will discuss some important things that you should consider before launching your app in the app store.

Have a Look at the 5 Easy Things to Ponder Before Launching the App in the App Store:

Research the Industry & Figure Out Your Competition

First, you need to research the industry that you are targeting. You should know all the possibilities that can happen. By identifying the industry, you can get help in spending your time and money productively.

You can also make demographics, comprising the prospect’s age, gender, location, etc. There are lots of developers, who go in-depth with psychographic information, including the customers’ interests, lifestyle, and more.

Moreover, figuring out your competitors is key to making a commitment to launch your app. It is important to understand what you are up against because it directly relates to functionalities, market or industry, quality of other apps, and users.

By keeping your eye on competitors, you can easily discover the strategy and combine your ideas to make your app stand out from other apps. This way you can understand the users and get help in catering to their needs.

Know Your Beta Users & Test

The beta users of your application serve as the ultimate test group as they will give you the most honest and right review for your new-to-the-world application; therefore, it is important to find the right group of beta users.

To gain more impressions, you can also choose a public beta launch that is open to everyone or you can also do a private launch by invite-only.

Make sure that you consider what your vision is for your app and know your ideal users. If it is really anyone, the public beta is a good option. However, if you are looking for more targeted beta visions, you can look for the closest possible version of your ideal user and invite them.

As you know reaching beta users is quite difficult, so you can utilize a tool like TestFlightApp that helps you to streamline the process. Along with beta or testers, you can also bring some load, scale, and networking testing to your app.

Create A Strategic Pricing Method

Not like the traditional retail industry, monetization in the app store can follow varied purchase formats. What you can do is make your application free of cost to download, use subscription pricing and offer a first download price or a series of in-app purchases. However, all these pricing methods have their own pros and cons.

Before making the official first sale, most of the top-grossing apps make use of the freemium approach to developing their audience. The freemium model is known for rewarding both value-driven applications and scalability.

So, if you are planning to launch an application that reaches millions of people, freemium pricing boosts the possibility of adoption.

In case, if you want to connect with a niche audience to solve any problem, the subscription model will be a great choice. Before making a price tag on your application, you need to ask yourself some of important questions like

  • What is the competitor’s app price?
  • How much money does it cost to keep the app running?
  • Does my app offer sufficient features?

By answering these questions, you can give the right price tag on your app and get a number of users.

Strategize Your Acquisition Campaigns

Do you know what the biggest step is after developing your app? Searching for users is the most important one once you developed your app. All the apps will have an organic acquisition; however, some apps will have paid acquisition.

Presently, Facebook’s platform is the most used, but search engine marketing and other mobile ad platforms also need to be considered in the planning phase. To boost users, mobile ads are great as they are already obtainable in the mobile attitude.

Moreover, mobile ads are also obliged to the right audience, so you can introduce your app to your ideal users.

At the time of making an organic acquisition, make sure that you have optimized your App Store listing. App store optimization means incorporating the right keywords into your store listing so that it ranks higher in the search results and can be easily discovered by people.

Make It Simpler to Spread the Word

If you want to make your application popular, make it easy for users so that they spread the word. Applications go viral because people talk about them constantly. Before you launch your application, you need to build strong relationships with the media and with people, who are going to use your app.

You can make yourself active in various forums online, blogs, and Facebook groups. One of the best service providers is Thunderclap which gives supporters a chance to help you with the launch before you publish.

You can build one campaign and allow people to sign up to spread the word about your application on the launch day. It will have a huge effect on your application.

While signing up, they are giving the service the capability of posting on their behalf on the launch date. Like this, the campaign will be activated and posts related to your apps will be automatically shared.


So, if you are about to launch your application, these mentioned things are important to consider as these things can increase the chances of success of your application.

In case, if you are finding yourself stuck anywhere, you can hire a professional mobile app development company that has experience working with different industry verticals.

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