What are the advantages of Online Document Management System?

The document, be it personal or professional, has always been important to us. However keeping the track and maintaining all these documents is not an easy task. As Document management is becoming a high priority, a good Document Management System (DMS) needs to be integrated, that helps organize documents in efficient and safe manner.

With the advent of automation and computing, we naturally turned towards Online document management system that offers an easy way to store, manage and share documents. There are a number of document management system providers available in the market, but you need to find the product that works best for your needs.

Some of the Documents system available in the market are Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Adobe Document Cloud Standard, Evernote Business, Ascensio System OnlyOffice and Logical DOC etc.

You can perform various functions using document management system:

  • Store various documents, including word files, PDFs, spreadsheets, emails
  • Restrict access to the confidential documents
  • Search files by keywords
  • Monitor who is viewing document and when
  • Track the edits being made to the document
  • You can access, manage and share documents via mobile device

Document management solution system comes with the host of advantages.

Act as document and file repository

Document management system acts as the central repository for all your important files and documents. You get everything at one place and there is no need to go through stacks of folders to find one single document.

Secure confidential business information

It safeguards your confidential business information. Document management system secures your document and it allows only authorized users to view certain documents. Even in the case of natural calamities such as fire or flooding, your documents are kept secured.

Flexible access

With Document management system you can access your files or documents anywhere and anytime. It offers you the flexibility to access your documents from multiple devices. You can even share these documents with your team from any location and complete your work without wasting any time.

Enhance productivity

Productivity is usually compromised when sharing files via email and in paper form and if there is more than one person involved in editing documents. Document management system enhances your productivity, it allows you to upload the file and multiple people can access it and leave their comments or feedback in the file itself.

Easy integration with third party software

Document management system can easily integrate with third party software. Some Document management system supports email, with this, you can directly send files to your customers, clients or your partners. This saves you time and effort.

File sharing

You can share files with your team or client regardless of their or your location. You can control who can see the file, with whom to share. DMS also lets you know who has viewed or edited the document. File sharing option is useful if you want to share any confidential file with only limited number of people and you can also send password protected files to the third party.

Easy to organize, locate and retrieve

With Document management system it becomes easy to organize, manage and retrieve files. Tracking down files with the DMS is easy as everything is well-organized and at one place.

Saves time and cost

Document management system saves you a lot of time and cost. The traditional method of managing and storing files needs space and time as everything was in paper form, while DMS does not require any space and you can also organize and manage files and it does not take much time. DMS also helps you to save cost.

Selecting the right Document management system is also important to enjoy all the benefits of it, here are some ways to find the right document management software

  • It should offer easy to use file structure
  • See if it offers wide range of options to find the file
  • It should be accessible through Smartphone and tablet
  • Select the DMS that offers features useful to complete your task, as there are many features that are not useful
  • Look for DMS that has a trial offer, as this will help you to select the best Document management system that suits all your needs

In today’s competitive world it has become very important to Move from paper documents to paperless Document management software. Now that you know the benefits of DMS, you need to select the one that best fits your needs.

Published by Anushka Chakrabarti

Anushka Chakrabarti is an avid blogger of Docup, a company that does document management for individuals, tax professionals, and businesses of all sizes. She loves technology, especially cloud technology. She writes on cloud based apps and works in the online cloud file storage company.

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