What Is The Difference Between Deep Learning, Machine Learning and AI?

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In recent years, the term deep learning has become extremely popular. Businesses all around the world are trying to get their hands on understanding what deep learning is all about and how it is better than artificial intelligence or machine learning.

The constant development in technology could put you in a place where it’s difficult for you to figure out which of these trends will work best for your business and how you can incorporate it in a way that you will benefit from it.

Sometimes, business owners even get confused with regards to these terms and often believe that they all mean the same. However, there is a huge difference between machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence and while they may be connected in some twisted way, they also have significant features that make them different and unique from one another.

Deep learning is something that is more in depth in comparison to machine learning. It’s something similar to what you would find in Google and Amazon voice recognition where you simply speak into a mike and it identifies what you are saying.

While it is a part of artificial intelligence, it is most used in apps and it is a lot smarter. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning may be connected because machine learning can’t really work without artificial intelligence. Similarly, deep learning cannot function smoothly without artificial intelligence either.

Machine learning can also be referred to as a sub-discipline of artificial intelligence. But it also very different because the tools that it has and the solutions that it provides to the industry can make a revolutionary change that will alter the ways businesses function for the better.

Deep learning is more cutting edge, and it is something that is modern and smart. While machine learning can just provide you with solutions to a query, deep learning can go the extra mile and help you solve it.

How It Works

There is a lot of data that needs to be accumulated for deep learning in order for it to be able to make the decisions on your behalf. The data that is fed into the system is done via machine learning. While machine learning may be a part of deep learning, it’s not the entire process itself.

There are logical constructions that may be required, as well as true and false answers. There are numerical values that need to be entered, as well as all other small bits of information that may be needed. Most of this information has been classified and stored accordingly to provide answers when the time is right.

Deep learning is usually focused on a deep neural network that is also known as a logical network. This is all complex information and Google has a massive library that confirms that it requires a lot of effort to get this done correctly.

The sophisticated system is more in-depth and if you want to study the difference between Machine learning and deep learning, then it’s not going to be easy for you to do so. But reading the right articles might help you get collective information on how they are very different from each other.

Machine learning usually provides answers that are already pre-fed into the system. These questions are always the same and the answers are also definite. Deep learning, on the other hand, needs to be prepared for more complicated and twisted questions.

This not only works for speech, but it also uses machine signals and written words to provide conclusive answers that humans are looking for. Deep learning provides answers that are similar to what is needed and at a very fast speed.

It’s not wrong to say that deep learning is a modern version of machine learning or machine learning on steroids but it’s also not wrong to say that it is a part of machine learning that has been developed for user friendly and smart requirements. These are the kind of solutions that could be used in smart homes, self driven vehicles and other such systems.

While machine learning can provide you with simple query solutions and can work well as your customer executive for a 24/7 helpline, deep learning can take it a step ahead. Here are a few things that you can expect from deep learning once it is completely integrated and done right.

With the right sensors and analytics, most cars will be able to figure out where the obstacles are and manage to drive effectively without a driver with the help of deep learning.

Re Coloring Images

Deep learning can help identify the actual color of a photo that was taken in black and white and manage to bring it to life. Think about an old black and white movie that you wished watching in color. It is now possible with deep learning because it has the ability to identify the color behind the black and white film.

Predict An Outcome

Deep learning can be used to predict various sorts of outcomes including legal ones. Once the system reasons all the data that is accumulated, it manages to compare the various inputs and ensures that it provides you with the right outcome that is fair and effective.


Deep learning will soon be able to figure out the medical problems with a person based on the genetic history as well as their lifestyle and it will also manage to provide them with medication that will work best.


Business owners will no longer need to spend long hours in analyzing reports and getting the data accumulated correctly because this can now be done with deep learning solutions within a matter of minutes.


The games that you play online with other players or versus a computer is all part of deep learning systems that have not only been taught how to play but also taught how to win in the most complex situations.

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