Unveiling the Knowledge Gap: What Your Children Will Never Be Taught at School

Sending your child to school is one of the most important decisions you will make for their lives. This is one that will make or break their life. Not only in the areas of education but general self-building and prospering.

Things that your school will never teach your kid
Things that your school will never teach your kid

At the same time, every kid does end up hating their respective schools. Let’s face it we did too!

There are certain things to be kept in mind while enrolling your child in an educational institute. They will not give them what you can. And they will only do what their agenda says.

The best interest of the child is always in the hearts of the parents. Teachers too are responsible, but humans are biased when it comes to a class full of students.

Every teacher’s value and excellence is evaluated on the performance of her students, and like any wise person, they are more likely to focus on the ones who just need a little push rather than those who need a full-on work up.

Here are some things that your school will never teach your kid:

Being curious

The moment a student enters the gates of a school or, in other words, the jail of education, they are bombarded with so many facts that they automatically kill their instincts of curiosity.

What makes us humans, and exclusively to the rest of the animal species, is our innate ability to be curious and use our brains to improve life. But schools, deliberately or unconsciously, kill it.

Learning methods

The number of subjects per semester or year is wider than ever before, with or without options. And while the teachers will tell your student what to study, and give basic tips, they will never focus on giving that little extra knowledge of easy memorizing methods.

Simple tricks like converting headings into a drawing, or relating dates to birthdays of people you know, or building a pneumonic, or making a song out of formulae. All these simple methods not only help in accomplishing the learning goal but also make studying more interesting and stress-free.

Taking school easy

No teacher will say, “you’re here to play and learn, so be who you are and embrace all the knowledge we provide you with”. It’s always going to be a depressing lecture each day, especially right before any exams or tests. They will never try to make the student really; truly understand their purpose at a school.

Rather it will be about “There are no victims in this class”! Gaining knowledge and knowing about things and people around you is not a task, it’s something we humans are naturally drawn to. It’s the negative projection of it all by the schools that makes school a boring old place.

Your grades mean crap!

This is the best one. With competition between schools becoming the only objective, even the tiniest little kid is talking about getting the highest grades. And the funny part about this “healthy competition” is that no one is really learning anything!. It’s all a bunch of hardworking, stressed-up kids, unsatisfied with whatever they score.

In the world we live in practical application of knowledge is the key to success. And that will happen only when true knowledge is gained at school. When this route is opted instead of the crazy competitive one; Students will not only score, they will actually learn- which is why they’re going to school in the first place.

Even a few minutes of thought on each point will make clear your life’s problems when you were in school. Struggling to make it, and regardless of the result, unhappy, or just sad. The point is, learning is a beautiful thing. It requires an artist to convey knowledge to students so that they grow up to be human beings and not robots with grades.

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