Which side of the Brain do you rely on?

We have all studied about the brain and its various functions in the lower and high classes during our school days. But still let me refresh the memory of those who have completely lost touch with the study of the human body after school. Various functions of our body are controlled by the left and the right sides of our brain respectively.

Left Brain vs. Right Brain Learners

Although they are completely identical in structure they functions differ overtly and significantly. So let’s dig deeper into the functions of the human brain. Your organization in work, your determination to finish the task at hand, your logical thinking, your ability to solve a problem and your reliance on reality are all the functions of the left side of your brain. The ones who rely more on this side are good at all the above mentioned tasks. The left brain teachers usually like to go ahead with the debate and discussion type of teaching.

Similarly the left brain students perform well individually rather than in a group. Such people are mostly seen to be dog lovers. They are advised to be more organized with their notes and argue less with their teachers. Owing to their skill they must choose factual projects for a better outcome. Coming to those who rely more on the right side. Research has completely opposite characteristics to attribute to them. They are comparatively less organized and more impulsive. Their emotional string can be triggered easily. On a positive note, they are very creative whether its painting, drawing, writing or music. When I say music they are more into rock music and can study in a noisy environment too. They are found to be cat lovers in contrast to those who rely on the left side of the brain.

Talking about the teachers relying on this side, they prefer to use practical work as a method of learning rather than mugging up the theory. Coming to the students interaction and activity. They are open to new ways and creativity. So now it is easy for you to categorize yourself into one of these groups depending on the nature of your personality.

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