Who should lead your digital transformation?


Who has to lead us?

Who are the people that we call the CEO or CMO? If these names are nearly to get them, then who is a CDO? Let’s find it out together. 

Not so far ago, an interesting article appeared on the Internet. It describes why we need good managers who work with Digital Transformation.

It also mentioned several aspects that we need to discover in our companies, PCs. Well:

  1. To make a transformational vision of how your company will look like and differ from others in the digital world.
  2. To involve more and more workers who will make that vision a complete reality.
  3. To try to direct the company’s energy through digital governance.
  4. Breaking down silos at the leadership level to drive digital transformation together.

Sure, all those aspects are good, and we agree with them, but the main point is how do you personally understand this digital leadership? Most often the company and all its workers need to work together, to gain goals, and so on. But what is the main, companies don’t have the digital savvy management team. Without a person who is responsible for something, it will be hard to lead to many results. We all know that if there isn’t a director, employees won’t work.

So, according to this problem we propose to make a completely new position called a Chief Digital Officer(CDO). This person will be a permanent part of the team, and he doesn’t need to be a genius in the IT-sphere. But what he has to know is how to manage a lot of internal and external changes.

So, stay with us, and get to know the information about the CEO, CMO, and what is more important, CDO (how he/she should look like, and his responsibilities, and so on). It will be started with a very accurate and precise discussion of whether he is needed or not.

Is your CEO up to it?

From the ideal point of view, a CEO you have now has to know all these peculiarities of the digital world. He/she is the person who represents a company. Well, many companies don’t have a CEO, but if they have, not all of them are so highly-educated to be called the best CEO.

The first right reaction of any CEO who understands that he isn’t a person who will answer so many questions is to find senior management that can handle the job. And the best choice for that will be a CDO.

Can the Chief Marketing Officer lead the digital transformation?

CMO completely understands the power of the digital sphere. Why is it so? Because their department was the leader for the majority of online activities that were made for the last two decades.

What is the main problem is that marketers look at the company from the point of view, it means, from marketing-centric one. But what they need, some holistic and transversal view on everything that is going on. The IT director faces the same problems. He understands the technology better than anyone else; he owns the IT strategy and platforms. So, again, this position can’t answer all the questions people will have. Maybe CDO will?

Marketing vs Technology

As we know transformation is not about marketing or technology. It is connected with the whole company, everything and everyone is involved, but it is not because of technology it is because of how society is using technology.

Sure, maybe all this is not about your CMO or CIO. Probably they have broad knowledge, skills, education and they can answer almost every question. But it couldn’t be in reality, if the person wants to change a qualification and to be the person to shape the digital transformation, then they would have to leave their current job to take up the new position of leading the transformation. It another case it will be hard to combine the role of the traditional manager with the role of the great transformer. It is simply unbelievable for the person of the narrow qualification to know all information, which is really wide and expected to know from CDO.

We really need a Chief Digital Officer

As you understood we really need the Chief Digital Officer. It is the person who will answer all the calls that other managers can’t. It is a person who is absolutely new on the CxO level, but he/she will run there for a long time. The main reason why we all need CDO is that current CEOs can’t answer necessary questions anymore; they don’t have such a broad knowledge as CDO will have. Current CEOs create awkward situations and can’t run out of the company in that way to make it as popular as Uber, Airbnb, or Tesla. This problem needs to be resolved immediately. So, how does the CDO should look like?

Your CDO needs the following capabilities:

  • A person has to be a complete and absolute leader to be able to face any problem and deal with transformation.
  • To create a completely new company that will answer almost every question or request.
  • To understand and carefully manage all the politics and languages of IT, to understand finances, marketing, and strategies.
  • A challenger of everything that is already in place on a strategic, operational, and process level.
  • A person has to be highly educated in all spheres, e-commerce, transactions, marketing, 
  • social media, mobile, data.

It can sound awkward, who is capable of knowing everything and to be able to manage with each situation? But that is exactly the point! We have to educate such people, and in this case, companies will definitely work it out, they will increase incomes and their own popularity. So, if you are now studying to become a CEO then think, maybe you can study a little bit more and get a better position which will be so powerful, needed, and interesting? CDO is the future of digital transformation, so wait for it, and you will see how the IT sphere is changing.

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