Why Online Cloud Storage Is A Best Practice to Keep Data Safely?

Will cloud computing change the world?

Cloud storage is a fundamental service that is used more and more to backup data and save extra money by purchasing expensive physical servers.

Cloud computing architectures are categorized on the basis of services it provides like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service(SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

1. What Exactly Cloud Storage Is?

The concept of online cloud storage is like a household refrigerator. Let’s say the refrigerator is a cloud, the food items stored in it are the files, and the family members are the users. We used to keep food items in it.

The refrigerator is located at a particular corner of the house and the family members can access it whenever they want to have food items from it. Unlike the refrigerator, cloud storage act as a container of numerous files to store in it.

This cloud is operated by the remote server hosted on the Internet and users can easily access the files whenever they want with the help of the Internet.

The concept of cloud storage is now utilized by many organizations. It is either private or public in nature.

Private Cloud

Depending on the category, the privilege to access files from the cloud changes. For Example, if an organization called “ABC” owns cloud storage, the control of the cloud storage is owned and managed by “ABC”.

The people within an organization can only access the files from that cloud. This type of cloud is known as a private cloud.

Public Cloud

It is generally owned and controlled by a service provider but access to the files is granted to all i.e. for untrusted parties. For example, the university “XYZ” has cloud storage and has put up files like college brochures, various application forms, university maps, etc.

And the new student visits the university campus and wants to admit to that university. By accessing the cloud service of the university, the new student can easily access application forms for admission and a map to navigate through the university.

Though the student visits the university for the very first time, still he can access the cloud services of the university. This kind of cloud is called the public cloud.

2. Why Is Cloud Storage In Huge Demand?

Computers and smartphones may handle emails for the user, but the centralized cloud can act as a virtual hard drive to handle the important data.

Easy Availability Of the Internet

Internet innovation has made a big impact on today’s generation. A couple of decades ago, the Internet was meant for commercial and for entertainment purposes. But today, the Internet is easily available to all ordinary people.

Everybody has the internet available on smartphones and laptops, also free wi-fi zones at colleges, subways, bus stations, hospitals, etc help to access cloud storage easily as long as the internet connection is available.

It is a safe way to upload important data to cloud storage to prevent it from corrupting at any time. Even though one has forgotten or lost an important document, still it is virtually available on cloud storage for use.

Outcasting External Drives

Magnetic tapes are used by many organizations to backup important data safely. As magnetic tapes have the capacity to store a large amount of data and they are cost efficient. Though magnetic tapes have good features, it has some following disadvantages.

  1. Requires a large space.
  2. Needs a solid backup plan every time.
  3. Can not be protected from disasters like burning.

Online file storage helps to get rid of the above disadvantages of magnetic tapes and to keep the revenue of the organization.

Also, many users use external hard disk drives(HDD) to store data like photos, movies, music, ebooks, etc., when the system (Laptop, computers) runs out of space. Sometimes, these HDDs get completely full of data. At this point, cloud storage help to store users’ favorite music, videos, ebooks, and other data.

Cost Efficiency

The cost factor is a vital thing that every organization always takes into account. Every company wants to save money by adopting affordable resources to meet business requirements. Buying online data backup services rather than buying expensive data backup servers is the best way to save extra money for the company’s upcoming future.

Cloud services allow a company to backup large amounts of data by installing a centralized network. This centralized cloud network requires fewer maintenance costs than that physical data backup servers. Normal users can also subscribe to cloud services just by paying nominal fees.

3. What Are The Security Issues With Cloud Storage?

Whether its physical storage or cloud storage, one thing always pops up in mind: what about data security? Online storage provides enormous functionality, but such a service always aims to provide the best security policies.

The main challenge is to protect data from intruders. Understanding the difficulties and potential security of cloud storage provides the following important aspects.


The user information is kept safe from the service providers. The only user has permission to modify his/her information.

Data Integrity

The user can easily detect any unauthorized modifications to his/her data. The only user has the right to modify/edit his personal data. Also, users can share data with trusted parties only.


With the advanced networking world and an increase in demand for computer resources, the IT industries have visualized online document storage as a platform to fulfill their storage and computing needs. It ensures the trustworthy management of the data and services of the company.

Cloud storage has envisioned promising services for the Internet by dominating the limited storage capacity for computer resources. Converting paper-based data into electronic data can provide reliable data backup. Easy availability, reliability, efficiency, and security have driven online storage to its best level.

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