WittySparks wins a prize in truveo contest

The results of the truveo contest are out and first four positions have gone to “Mapofvideo“, “Svid“, “3Styler for Facebook” and “TechVideoBytes“. MapofVideo provide spots on the maps which when a user clicks on, they get to see videos. SVid on the other hand gives fantastic effects to the results when they are displayed.

Truveo Videobuzz

And our favorite among the top 9 winners is TechVideoBytes as it provides lots of Technology based videos highlighting tutorials on various tools. From elliptical layout of the images to related videos in a fractal, the site provides it all! Interesting indeed!

Wittysparks’s Videobuzz bagged the 14 position to take the 500$ prize in the second prize section. The site is a one stop for all people wanting videos from bollywood, hollywood, tollywood and other entertainment areas.

Grabbing two slots in the contest establishes team Wittysparks being a pioneer with regard to providing quality content along with a pleasant look ‘n’ feel for a unforgettable reading experience. Not only content but an entire gamut of updated videos for the viewer makes it unique in its own way!

Here is the list of top 9 winners:

Submission Handle UsageInn.API AOLTC RankWeighted Score
3Styler for Facebookwkozi868787807282.4
GIF creatoroshows2393931009380.4

For complete list of winners check truveo blog: Congratulations to Our Winners!

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