World’s Scariest Jobs!

The real scary jobs

Job equals earnings, and earnings mean living life. While many struggles at our workplaces, there are some jobs that have the right to be categorized as the most dangerous, scary, and life-threatening jobs ever.

There are people in the workforce that are risking their lives on their job each and every day. And this is not only in the case of soldiers, or firefighters, these are jobs that we seldom recognize as being life-threatening:

Elephant Keeper:

This may look like a really fun job, especially if you’re an animal lover. However, the Elephant keepers would have a rather different experience. They are around at least an eight-ton animal, doing all sorts of chores, from bathing to feeding. It takes only a little budge from the giant beast to smash your heads out! Human deaths occurring due to captive-elephant are not very uncommon.

Cab Driver:

New Yorkers are familiar with the lifestyle of the city; you will find the most polished businessman and a fearless gangster all in a day. This makes the job as a cab driver very dangerous, reports have suggested that taxi drivers are 60 times more likely to be murdered than workers in any other field. That doesn’t seem too odd considering the fact that they work into the wee hours of the night, and they carry cash!


Well, there won’t be much argument on this one, a job that requires you to work days underground, surrounded by darkness, and conversations that are focused on the task. Not only is the job hazardous to health due to the presence of low ventilation, heat, exposure to harmful gasses, etc. it is also very dangerous when things go wrong, and explosions or natural disasters take place.

Rodeo Clown:

Yes, you read right-clown, but this one is not like the funny one at the circus. The Rodeo Clowns’ job is to protect the life of the cowboy by risking his own. That doesn’t sound funny now, does it? Not only do they have to deal with very stressful situations, but they also have to have the courage to think quickly on their feet and react to be safe.

High-rise Ironworker:

Beautiful buildings came into being only because of the hard work of those who spent hours on the top, the ironworkers have a very risky job as they work in all types of weather conditions, walk-on risky surfaces hanging in thin air, meters above the ground. Fear of heights cannot be found in their dictionaries.

America’s Iron Workers:

Well, that was a fun round-up of some of the most dangerous jobs that exist. The fact remains that these people need to be appreciated for the risks they take. After all that knowledge, our jobs don’t seem that bad, do they?

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