YouTube can help you get rich. Find out how!

When YouTube first came up who knew that it was born to be the king one day? If you are wondering what I’m talking about allow me to introduce you to the hub of money earners this year – YouTube! Can you believe it? Today it is one of the most popular platforms that allows users to do a wide verity of activities that include resources and opportunities to improve skills, build larger audiences, and of course an unimaginable amount of money.

Top 1000 YouTube Channels
Top 1000 YouTube Channels – Click this image to check the full Infographic

The top 1000 channels are what helped YouTube get to its present position. Among these the top slot is taken by music, gaming, comedy entertainment, people & blogs, shows, films and animations.

While music takes up 25% of the top 1000 gaming exceeds it with 27%. In the last thirty days 30,000 videos have been published providing 173 days of entertainment to the 11.3 billion people viewing it. With this I’m sure you can guess that it’s got a lot of comments but I bet you can’t guess the number. So without keeping you curious for any longer let me reveal to you the figure. It has got as many as 25,000,000 comments, some videos marked favorite 7,500,00 times and it has got 55,000,000 ratings better than this. Now can this get any better?

Coming to the social networking sites these popular channels have 2.5 billion likes on Facebook and an astonishing 624 million followers on Twitter. I must say that it’s a great achievement in a short span of time and I’m sure you will agree with me! Now it should be no surprise that each of the 1000 channels earns a sum of 23,000 dollars each month from YouTube ad revenue. I can’t wait to get started! And you?

Want quick money? YouTube is just a click away!
Want quick money? YouTube is just a click away!


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