10 Advantages Offered By OpenCart For ECommerce Development

OpenCart - Opensource eCommerce Development

In 2016, the eCommerce market has exceeded the depicted mark that clearly shows the immense potential presented to entrepreneurs. It depicts the interesting revenue-generating avenues opened up by the world of online retail.

In recent years, e-commerce has proven to be a new way to expand your venture and create new possibilities for your business.

Is your technology stack in the right place, in order to capitalize on this medium? Have you considered using OpenCart customization for accelerating your bottom lines? If you still need compelling reasons to opt for OpenCart for your eCommerce business then you are on the right page.

Reasons To Choose OpenCart

Easy development, usability, and documentation are prime features of an eCommerce store. With amazing features and functionality, OpenCart emerges as the perfect choice. Let’s look at why OpenCart is widely considered the most powerful and dynamic eCommerce platform.

1. Ready-to-use and customized templates

If you are planning to hire highly skilled developers for customized template creation, OpenCart will ease your task to a great extent. With numerous ready-to-use and customized templates, OpenCart will impart a distinctive appearance to your CMS.

Whether you are running out of ideas or don’t have the desired time to create innovative designs, OpenCart will always come up with attractive and stunning templates. You can also purchase these OpenCart themes from popular web-content stores.

2. Easy development

With in-depth knowledge of MySQL or PHP, you can customize OpenCart and develop extensions. Since it works on the MVC or Model-View-Controller pattern, developers can easily customize OpenCart.

If you need to create new extensions, you will have to begin by creating four important files namely Model, Controller, View, and Language files.

3. Easy customization and changes

OpenCart Customization by adding new features is simple yet highly impactful. However, the technical expertise of the developer plays a highly significant role in this context. You must enlist the expertise of developers having a profound knowledge of MySQL, PHP, HTML, and CSS, for making the necessary changes to your OpenCart store.

4. Easy usability

While working on your eCommerce store, you will surely wish to experience optimum convenience and smooth operations. With a user-friendly administrative dashboard and straightforward menus, OpenCart Customization will help you accomplish these challenging KPIs.

From product sales, catalogs, systems, and extensions, OpenCart will offer diverse menu options.

5. Lots of documentation and articles

As a highly popular and widely used Content Management System, OpenCart comprises numerous tools. In case of any operational problems, you will find the right solutions in these forums. From useful advice to instant fixes, the OpenCart official forum will have quick solutions to all problems.

6. OCMOD and VQMOD: The virtual revolutions

Developers never wish to change or configure the core structure of a content management system. However, custom coding projects make it inevitable. Changing the core will create severe issues, as you won’t be successful in updating the CMS.

So, what are the reasons behind these issues? When you try to update the core, several files and data might get erased. However, that’s not the case with OpenCart. Since it uses vQmod by Google, users or developers will have the chance to edit core applications without making significant changes in the CMS.

7. Modules and extensions galore

OpenCart offers hosts of modules and extensions to users. The official store comes up with as many as 1, 2325 extensions, templates, and modules. You will have to pay a nominal price of $10 for every module.

While using OpenCart, users will not require developing their own extensions and modules, as there are plenty of them in the OpenCart store.

8. Multi-store modes

With OpenCart’s multi-store feature, you can ensure the successful management of numerous online stores with different designs, products, customer databases, modules, and linguistic preferences.

It’s somewhat similar to Magento where you can manage numerous stores from a single location. OpenCart too has a single and functional admin panel.

9. Multilingual preferences

OpenCart can be translated into any language used across the globe. Whether the hieroglyphic pattern of the language is RTL or LTR, developers won’t face a single issue while translating it. It happens to be a language-independent CMS. You can simply search through OpenCart’s “catalogs” and gain access to PHP translation files.

10. Effective search engine optimization

Search engine optimization happens to be a crucial requisite for every digital company. Business owners should take their ventures to the top of search engines and help them achieve successful search engine optimization.

Popular and leading search engines such as Google prefer OpenCart, thus increasing chances for OpenCart sites. From targeted On-Page SEO to successful Off-Page SEO, you can get comprehensive SEO for OpenCart.

Summing Up The Reasons

With these features, OpenCart is surely the best option for your eCommerce store. However, the choice of eCommerce developers also plays a highly crucial role in this context. By leveraging the unique features and aspects of OpenCart, proficient developers can create easily navigable e-commerce sites within the shortest time.

While embarking on your eCommerce development project with OpenCart Development Services, make sure you work with competent developers. They will help you create interactive, intuitive, and scalable eCommerce stores for your venture.

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