Why Opencart is the Best Platform for eCommerce Development Services

OpenCart - Opensource eCommerce Development

If you wish to launch your own eCommerce store and shop around for the right platform, here’s something for you! Yes, we are talking about OpenCart – perhaps the most popular and widely-used e-commerce platform.

In spite of the presence of countless e-commerce platforms, OpenCart has successfully carved a distinctive niche in the professional arena and sustained its popularity for a long time.

From simple e-commerce stores to sites with multiple functionalities, OpenCart can support diverse projects. With intuitive features and a dynamic interface, OpenCart is the success mantra for numerous online businesses worldwide.

A few things about OpenCart

When it comes to building feature-rich, scalable, and intuitive e-commerce stores, OpenCart Development Services emerges as the best option. With powerful modules and amazing functionalities, this particular platform will make your store stand out from the rest of the crowd.

On that note, let’s take a look at how OpenCart revolutionizes e-commerce and what aspects make it the most powerful eCommerce development platform.

Claim to fame

If you wish to pitch in your eCommerce store, embracing OpenCart Development Services is the best thing to do. The following article will walk you through the reasons for its unsurpassed popularity.

1. Swift and hassle-free development

OpenCart works on the MVC or Model-View-Controller pattern. With sound knowledge of MySQL and PHP, OpenCart development will be easier than ever! Developers will have the opportunity to create extensions and customize OpenCart. All you need to do is create four files-Controller, View, Model, and Language document.

2. Simple and easy installation

OpenCart offers easy and simple installation steps. That makes e-commerce development quite easy for developers. After performing these installations, you will require performing a few basic functions. Some of these functions include:

  • Product addition
  • Theme selection
  • Template selection

With these features and functionalities, your OpenCart store will swiftly process its orders.

Beginners and first-time developers will surely experience seamless OpenCart development.

3. Easy and uncomplicated usage

Quite like Prestashop and Shopify, OpenCart also has a friendly and remarkable administrative dashboard. From Sales and Catalog to System and Extensions, every menu is user-friendly and straightforward.

You can also use OpenCart 2, which offers you the opportunity to use the admin panel on a Smartphone or tablet.

4. Free modules and themes

OpenCart comes with innovative modules, themes, and options. The platform features an incredible built-in template that helps you switch between templates quite smoothly. OpenCart users also have the opportunity to integrate 3rd party and built-in modules.

You can get these modules from ‘OpenCart Social Loginizer,’ ‘OpenCart OnePage Checkout,’ OpenCart Abandoned Cart, and OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro.

5. Easy and successful customizations

OpenCart allows easy customizations. You will require associating with experts having a profound knowledge of MySQL, PHP, HTML, and CSS. With in-depth knowledge of these technologies, your chosen developer will perform successful OpenCart customizations.

6. User-friendly store management

The intuitive and interactive admin panel of OpenCart makes store management easier than ever. Store administrators will have the option to add products, images, categories, SEF URLs, payment option integrations, shipping options, and several other features. The entire process will be easy, smooth, and hassle-free thus leading to successful store management.

7. Numerous articles, documentation, and forums

As the most popular and functional platform for e-commerce development, OpenCart has a slew of interesting articles, documentation, and forums. Going by current reports, the OpenCart forum has 539,304 posts on 126,046 topics and nearly 90,000 members.

Quite naturally, if you face any issues within the platform, it will get fixed within an instant! The OpenCart forum will surely come up with the right solutions and advice.

8. Multilingual support

Robust connectivity and effective interactions are prime requisites in the business arena. Unless you share strong connections with your consumers, it won’t be possible to reach out to them. Customer-seller interactions are critical to the success of an e-commerce venture.

When it boils down to reaching out to target consumers, linguistic support proves to be beneficial. The OpenCart platform offers multilingual support to store owners. With nearly 17 languages, the platform can offer perfect support to numerous customers across the globe.


While developing e-commerce platforms with custom-coding, developers might require making changes to the central code. Core editing isn’t a feasible thing to do, as it might prevent updates. However, virtual file structures like OCMOD and VQMOD will save the day. Opencart adopts these file structures thus making custom-coding easier than ever!

10. Countless shipping and payment methods

Online customers always look for convenient and hassle-free payment methods. That’s not all; the shipping methods also play a highly crucial role in the purchase process. It’s here that OpenCart offers countless options.

The presence and availability of multiple shipping methods reduce the possibilities of shopping cart abandonment. Some of the payment gateways supported by OpenCart include:

  • PayPal
  • Cash-on-Delivery or COD
  • SagePay
  • PayMate
  • BankTransfer
  • 2Checkout

Other than these payment gateways, OpenCart supports quite a few other payment options as well.

OpenCart has come up as a prime technology to opt for when developing fast, scalable, and secure e-commerce websites that also facilitate online transactions. Buyer convenience and flexibility get improved to a great extent with OpenCart Development Company deployed by skilled development agencies.

When you need an online shopping portal that helps to take your revenue generation objectives ahead, you need not look beyond OpenCart.

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