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Mobile Application Development for your e-Commerce Business

Starting a business online? Here are some great examples for you.

In 2016, retail sales across the globe reached a value of $22.049 trillion. This was a 6.0% rise from the previous year. eMarketer estimates that total retail sales in 2010 will touch $27 trillion (eMarketer report).

With eCommerce websites on the rise, you can now:

  • Launch an excellent store
  • Add as many products as you like
  • Sell more with mobile shopping
  • Gain customers via Google, Facebook and email marketing
  • Use built-in shipping methods
  • Maximize eCommerce sales
  • Encourage customers to complete their purchase


Created by a duo with similar interests, P&CO is a creative, lifestyle-driven brand. The company has crafted a uniquely unpretentious brand identity that defies its rivals, branding strategies.


Tired of poorly designed tattoos on her daughter’s hand, Tina Roth Eisenberg took matters into her own hands and hired two renowned tattoo designers. This led to the establishment of Tattly.

8 Faces

This website is the online address of a typography magazine. The key design element seems to have been responsiveness. 8 Faces was recently relaunched. It now features a new design theme, created by Paravel Inc. and Elliot Jay Stocks.

With large images and textual content making it easy to read, this eCommerce website helps readers buy prints, magazine, and back issue PDFs.

Kershaw Knives

Since 1974 Kershaw has been manufacturing high-quality, affordable knives. With his team and Kershaw’s, developer Jordan Sowers created a beautiful eCommerce site to showcase their products.

The accurate usage of filters helps results in a well-executed filtering system on the catalog page. Displayed across multiple columns they translate to smaller-sized displays, folding down into a horizontal list.


Surfers Tyler Wolff and Nabil Samadani created Salt together.

They decided to create excellently crafted surfboards and add these to the thriving scene they found in New York City. The website is aesthetically beautiful, with a homepage that features beautiful full-canvas photography. A combination of considered typography, a good grid, and excellent product shots make up the site.

Full-canvas photography takes up a lot of data. Their homepage alone occupies 1.3MB. Responsive image techniques can be hard work but result in good dividends. However, the minimal usage of aesthetics in the internal pages offsets this.

A Book Apart

Although many eCommerce websites rely on large beautiful photography to sell their products, A Book Apart uses block color covers to vividly display their series of “brief books for people who make websites”.

This works well when displaying their entire collection of books, available as a bundle.


Anheuser-Busch has been brewing some of the world’s most popular beers for over 160 years. World-class brew makers have expanded their output to now feature their products on eCommerce stores.

Budweiser is built on Shopify’s eCommerce platform.


An international non-profit organization, WaterAid’s main aim is to change the lives of the world’s poorest communities through the provision of better sanitation water and hygiene. Supporters of WaterAid can buy greeting cards to help those in need of better access to water.

The Economist

The Economist online offers insight and opinions into politics, business, finance, international news, science and technology. The eCommerce store stocks Economist print and audiobooks, as well as office diaries & stationery.

Tesla Motors

Founded in 2003 in Silicon Valley by a group of engineers who wanted to prove that gasoline-powered cars were not as good as electric cars. A technology and design company with a focus on energy innovation and not just an automaker Tesla’s sales have soared this last decade.

Red Bull

The highest-selling energy drink in the world, marketed through events, advertising, sports team ownerships and music, celebrity endorsements, and Red Bull Records. Their online store sells Red Bull t-shirts, hats, backpacks, jackets, etc.

LA Lakers

A professional American basketball team based in Los Angeles, California, they play in the National Basketball Association Their online store offers branded gifts, jerseys, players’ sportswear, and hats.

New York Stock Exchange

The world’s largest stock exchange has listed companies worth US$19.69 trillion as of May 2015. They have set up a Shopify store that sells NYSE labeled goods as part of their huge presence in the financial sector.


Lewis Blitz and brothers James & Richard Gold launched Skinnydip in 2011. It has grown into a brand with over 100 concessions. Sales soared after it was stocked in top stores including Selfridges, Nordstrom, ASOS & Topshop.

Whatever platform you use, an eCommerce site is a must for your store today. You can drive up sales through an eCommerce site, enabling you to reach your customers wherever they may be.

Image source: Freepik Premium

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