5 Clever Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

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The job market today is full of uncertainty as people are working fewer hours and having less job security than they ever have before. Many people are turning to the Internet to help them start making a living.

If you want to create a second stream of income from a website, you will have to bring in traffic. Here are some great tips on how you can boost your traffic and as a result your eCommerce sales on your website.

1. Offer some online coupon codes for your products

Many coupon devotees are on a mailing list of their favorite online coupon directories, allowing them to see coupons and promotional deals from companies that they might not otherwise know about. Talk to different online coupon directories, like RetailMeNot.com, Couponcodeday.com, and see how you can submit your coupons to their website.

2. Optimize your site for mobile devices

Make sure that you use a platform that will allow people to use your site on their mobile devices. Most people use their mobile devices for a large portion of their Internet usage. If you have people becoming fans of your website, you will want to make sure that you give them access to a website that is functional and easy to use across all devices.

WordPress websites allow you to have a mobile version of your website that is really simple to set up. See if your web host offers you a way to create a mobile version of your website for free or at a small charge.

3. Create unique content

Make sure that you are either offering information or a product that your customer doesn’t have access to anywhere else. This will create your followers faster than any other trick and will get you a higher ranking on the search engines, which is incredibly important for your traffic and your site’s overall success as an income generator.

4. Use social media buttons

Make sure to offer your followers on your eCommerce site the option to share articles or item descriptions with their friends. If someone likes your product enough to share it with their friends on social media, you should take advantage of it.

This will expose people to your site that may have never heard of your brand otherwise. Social media is a powerful tool in helping you to increase eCommerce sales on your website.

5. Connect with your fans on social media pages specifically built for your site

Having a way to constantly stay connected with your fans, will allow you to update them on what is new on the site. You can also use social media to keep your company or brand at the forefront of their mind, even if you don’t have time to post things every day on your actual website. For sites like Twitter, using tag handles will expose you to larger groups of people that follow that particular tag handle.

These simple tips will help you generate more money from your eCommerce sites. Create your own reliable second stream of income with your own eCommerce site. See how much more money you can make using these five simple tips to boost your traffic and your sales.

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