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While a majority of open source platforms have served as best choices for powering your online business, Magento is the one which has been successful in creating its unique niche. With an excellent list of advantages for making e-commerce easier, Magento has been embraced and appreciated by both, small as well as large enterprises. Today, through this post, I’ll be throwing some light on the exquisite nature of Magento as one of the most commendable e-commerce platforms. So, let’s get started with it!

Magento is an open-source and fully extensible e-commerce platform

As an online merchant, you can obtain Magento absolutely free of cost. Whether you’re a small-sized, medium sized or a large-sized business owner, choosing Magento would weigh a lot on your pocket. With no licensing fees, Magento can be simply downloaded and installed on the servers. Additionally, the fully extensible nature of Magento makes it convenient for you to manage your product stocks, inventory, plans and offers for customers etc.

Magento is a lot powerful and ultra spacious

It is quite interesting to note that Magento e-commerce platform can conveniently support a whopping 500,000 products on a single e-commerce website. In addition to this, it can be utilized for handling a whopping 80,000+ orders on a per hour basis. These statistics reveal the spacious nature of Magento. The size of Magento expects it to have unique hosting needs. Hence, it is recommended to gear up for some extra hosting expenses before delving into the world of Magento e-commerce development.

Magento entails Multiple Store Management

Prior to the inception of Magento, managing multiple e-commerce stores was very tedious and cumbersome. Thanks to Magento e-commerce development, it has become absolutely convenient to run and manage multiple e-stores (with distinguished product catalogs) via a single administrative panel. In simple words, your online business would be up and functional even while you’re asleep.

Magento is backed by a mobile-friendly configuration

With a huge population of consumers choosing to purchase products via the smartphones and smart tablets, it has become imperative for the online merchants to choose an e-commerce platform that comes with a mobile-friendly configuration. It is here that Magento serves as an excellent choice for e-commerce development. As one of the most commendable shopping cart solution, Magento makes your e-commerce portal easy-to-view on different types of mobile devices and mobile operating systems.

Magento supports third-party integrations

With Magento, you can avail the flexibility of connecting your e-commerce store with some of the industry biggies like PayPal, Google Shopping, Ebay, MailChimp, QuickBooks and many more. Additionally, you can even leverage the benefit of adding Google Analytics and a range of other third-party integrations to your e-commerce store in order to facilitate data analysis.

Magento is backed by a simple yet truly effective back-end panel

Making the desired alterations to your Magento powered e-store is quite simple with the help of an elegant administrative dashboard. That means, you need not be a programming professional for performing alterations to your Magento e-commerce website. With easy-to-understand reporting and analysis modules, you’ll be able to customize your e-store in a hassle-free way. On the contrary, even if you tend to face any kind of issue while managing your Magento platform, it is recommended to hire a Magento expert who’s mend the issue on an immediate basis.

Magento e-store visitors can avail an intelligent filtered search option

An improved search feature can undoubtedly render a flawless user experience. Talking about Magento e-commerce platform, you can render your visitors an intelligent filtered search facility that can enable them to search for products in a better and advanced format. This unique search feature will filter the e-store products in accordance to a suite of parameters like product tag filters, recently viewed products, recently compared products, product reviews and many more.

Magento’s gigantic community is ever-available to render you the required assistance

Magento e-commerce platform is being backed by a good count of designers and developers who are ever-ready to offer you suitable and accurate answers for a wide collection of questions regarding the setup and usage of Magento.


Remarkable features and benefits associated with Magento have make it one of the most preferred e-commerce development platforms among varied e-commerce business owners. Here’s hoping after reading this post, you too would have gathered useful insights on building a stunning shopping cart using Magento, an over-the-top e-commerce platform.

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