What Makes Magento #1 Open Source E-Commerce Platform?

Have you ever wondered what makes Magento enjoys the reputation of most popular open source e-commerce platform among others? If WordPress enjoys the status of most preferred CMS among the website owners and developers, Magento has the distinction of most admired CMS for Ecommerce retailers. 

Despite its short history, Magento actually make bulk of all e-commerce websites we found on the internet. It literally dominates the e-commerce market this is because it comes with many rich features that are easy to customize along with better customer support for the users.

This blog posts is mainly focused on highlighting the causes that are hidden behind the unparalleled success of Magento and why it enjoys the status of #1 open source CMS for eCommerce projects. The demand for customized applications have given birth to this amazing e-commerce CMS and its growth led to some of the world’s finest e-commerce retailers to come on board. Here is the list of top IT companies that offers Magento development services at industry leading prices.

  • thepixel.com
  • contus.com
  • tisindia.com

Before exploring the advantages that makes Magento a popular choice for e-commerce retailers, here some interesting stats about this platform that will force you to think of implementing this platform if you are planning to enter into the highly cutthroat environment of e-commerce stores.

Interesting Magento Statistics to Prove Magento Stands On Top

Here is a pie chart that shows Magento community edition acquires 25.6 % of total e-commerce market share, while the Magento Enterprise edition acquires 4.4% of total market share, thus taking the overall share of Magento to 30% of total.

Besides, other appealing stats about Magento are listed here:

  • Over 200,000 online stores run on Magento with an average turnover of $60 billion per year.
  • The shopping carts of Magento are developed responsively, that makes them flawlessly viewable on mobile devices.
  • Magento comes with varied third party integrations that include Mail Chimp, eBay, PayPal, Quickbooks, Google Sharing and others.
  • Until December 2014, Magento had more than 5 million downloads.

Magento can easily host up to 500,000 products on its website and it can effectively handle 80,000 orders in one hour.

Why You Should Choose Magento Open Source CMS for Your E-Commerce Store?

1) Highly Scalable

Magento is known for its scalability because it is designed to suit the requirements of all type of businesses ranging from small to large. Regardless of the features and changes you want to include in your online store, Magento never fails to astonish you with its set of rich features. It is no wonder why most of the reputed eCommerce brands across the globe prefer using Magento.

The Watch Gallery is an exclusive online store of watches in UK that operates on Magento Enterprise:

The Watch Gallery
 The Watch Gallery

2) Customizable Themes

The online stores built on Magento Open Source CMS are highly customizable and you can easily make changes in the themes as per your store’s requirement. Magento gives users the option of switching between season detailed short-term designs and permanent one. You can easily load different themes depending on your business. You can modify the layout, translation files, template files, and skins of your theme, thus making your online store more attractive for the visitors.

Although there are several customizable themes available over the internet for Magento online store, Woodrow is a great cohesive theme that consists of everything you want to launch on your online store like:

  • Home Page
  • Product Listing Page
  • Category Page
  • Sign In/Register Page
  • Shopping Cart Page
  • Email Header
  • Checkout Page
  • My Account Page
  • Content Page Template

Here is the screenshot of Woodrow Magento Theme:

Woodrow — Customizable Magento Theme
Woodrow Magento Theme

3) Set up Multiple Accounts

From a single admin panel, you can easily host multiple stores at once through the “one click” solution of Magento. With this solution, you will find it very easy to manage several accounts or stores flawlessly. Magento Open source CMS gives you different security certificates, domain names and IP addresses for your store.

Magento Multiple Stores and Accounts
Magento Multiple Stores and Accounts

What can be more interesting than managing different accounts through a single admin panel? This is what makes Magento a popular choice among the e-commerce store owners.

4) Extremely Flexible

With its open system architecture, Magento developers can easily develop highly interactive user experiences for different types of access devices. Besides, it is also possible to integrate customized back-end workflows for meeting definite detailed business requirements, which means you can efficiently control how your website will perform and look.

Magento - Grow your online business
Magento – Grow your online business

The features of Magento CMS that engross flexibility include merchandising, powerful marketing, and content management.

5) Better Options for Browsing Magento Stores

Apart from being user friendly, Magento provides latest features such as product reviews, multiple product images, and capability for zooming. It also enhances the shopping experience because it is created for fulfilling the varied temperaments of different customers. Magento offers a more varied call to actions that any other open source platforms ranging from cross-sell to up-sell that are necessary for allowing anytime stock check by a flexible merchandising engine.

Besides, Magento offers a list of other options as well, which are essential for browsing online stores efficiently and it includes:

  • An easy to update shopping cart
  • A well categorized back end
  • Add-on modules for enhanced capabilities
  • An attractive default template

6) Easy Integrations

It is quiet easy to integrate third party services with Magento CMS that consists of database applications, payment gateways, shipping tracking, and shipping. This platform is already integrated with Google Analytics where you can keep the track of the number of visitors turning on your websites, including the potential number of leads generated through this traffic.

It means that Magneto store owners can easily evaluate the search engine ranking of their stores in search queries with the help of Google Analytics track record, which is beneficial for understanding the performance of their online stores.

7) Mobile Commerce Support

Magento is incorporated with HTML5 features for ensuring superior mobile shopping experiences for the users.

Magento Mobile Stores
Magento Mobile Stores

Magento based stores comes with all vital drag and drop features required by mobile phone visitors like AV capabilities, image scaling, and gesture based controls.

Wrap up Note

Undoubtedly, Magento CMS is blessed with a range of features and advantages that makes development of online stores much easier. Moreover, with benefits like easy integrations, Google Analytics, multiple store management, scalability, flexibility etc, Magento serves the versatile demand of this cutthroat e-commerce marketplace by offering an amazing user experience to both its clients and their valuable customers. So, all you need is to contemplate on the fact that if you are gearing up to enter into the world of online stores, you can definitely give your start with this versatile open source E-commerce CMS.

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