10 Differences Between the LSAT and the GRE

GRE and LAST Test Preparation

The GRE and the LSAT are exams used for admission into graduate programs. While there are a lot of differences between the two tests, sometimes students can feel confused about the two because both are used for admission into graduate programs.

However, no matter which tests you take, being adequately prepared by enrolling in an LSAT or GRE prep course in San Diego is a good idea.

Here are the ten differences between the LSAT and the GRE that everybody must know if they decide between the two exams.

  1. The LSAT is accepted across all the LAW Schools, while the GRE is accepted only by a few of them. But the scenario is different. If you are going to opt for an Engineering or Science program, then you will most likely be expected to take the GRE. Except now, some programming and engineering disciplines ask applicants to take just the Logic Games section of the LSAT!
  2. The LSAT tests Reasoning and Reading skills, while the GRE focuses on testing both Reasoning and Subject Knowledge. Also, the LSAT doesn’t include Quant, whereas it makes for a significant portion of the GRE.
  3. The GRE is usually a Computer Based Test. Up until 2019, the LSAT has always been a Paper Exam. Hint: this is changing this year! According to reports, between July 2013 and June 2016, approximately 98 percent of the students who took the GRE test took it on the computerized version.
  4. The GRE has two essays: the Argument and the Issue essays. The LSAT has only one essay. GRE essays are scored, while the LSAT essay is not scored. Instead, it is sent to the school(s) to which the student is applying.
  5. The GRE is a section adaptive test, which means that your performance in a section determines the difficulty of the next section. No part of the LSAT is adaptive. The questions asked in the LSAT are set from the moment the test starts and do not change according to your performance.
  6. The LSAT includes tricky logic games, while the GRE doesn’t. The Games section of the LSAT includes questions regarding Hypothetical and Logical situations. This is a section of the LSAT where students struggle a lot.
  7. The LSAT is offered only six times per calendar year, while the GRE is offered throughout the year. This is an advantage for students who are taking the GRE because they can take the test whenever they feel they are ready for it, whereas students who are taking the LSAT have to wait for a particular date for the examination as it occurs only six times every year.
  8. The GRE gives one more advantage to students by providing them with the ScoreSelect option which is not available in the LSAT. Using ScoreSelect, a student can show only his best scores to schools, hiding any suboptimal scores. Therefore, LSAT test-takers need to be more careful each time they take the test because all of their LSAT scores will be visible to the schools, including their highest score.
  9. GRE test takers also find comfort in knowing the test results immediately after the test, and they can elect whether or not to report the result to the school or cancel it. On the other hand, LSAT takers have no option like this.
  10. The LSAT is a unique exam unlike any other exam while GRE is very much similar to exams like the SAT and ACT.

So, in choosing between the two exams, it would be wise first to decide exactly what type of program or speciality you would like to study. Once you choose, check their admissions requirements and see what test they ask their applicants to take. No matter which test you take, you will always do yourself a favour by working with a GRE tutor or an LSAT tutor before your official test day.

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