3 Features of Live Chat which will Make You Fall in Love with It

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There are several fields in which businesses worldwide tend to improve their procedures in order to stay competitive and stand out from the crowd. As the latest trends in the business world show, the changes made towards better Customer Support and Customer Relationship Management provide incredible results.

Improvements in these organizational departments can be made by implementing several solutions. Many of these solutions such as Live Chat software come from the software industry. Few characteristics, like easy integration, fast onboarding, and intuitive UI, made them the primary choice for many organizations. As a matter of fact, live chat adoption rates have risen from 38% in 2009 to 58% in 2014.

In this article, we will talk about the three most important features of Live Chat that make this software incredibly useful for so many business establishments.

Real Time Visitor Monitoring

Realtime Visitor Monitoring
Realtime Visitor Monitoring

Real-time visitor monitoring is one of the most powerful features of Live Chat software that not only helps enhance the company’s customer service but also brings improvements to other departments, like marketing, for instance.

This feature allows Live Chat agents to have access to very important information regarding the website visitors, IP address, hostname, country, browser type, referrer address, pages visited, and the web page the visitor is looking at that very moment. In the navigation history tab, agents can also see how much time a visitor has spent on each visited page.

In order to provide a better insight to Live Chat agents, many Live Chat software developers made a Geolocation Map that displays the geographic distribution of the people currently visiting the website in question. Different colors help agents distinguish the people on the map. For instance, there is one color for the ones already engaged in chat and another for the newcomers.

This feature allows a company to get insight into valuable information, which would have otherwise been next to impossible to acquire, at least not with this accuracy, time efficiency, and at this cost. Knowing the demographic, interests, and needs of the website visitors makes it much easier for the marketing department to devise a new marketing plan and design new strategies.

Also, by identifying the frequently visited pages, companies can address possible SEO problems with other pages that receive less traffic.

Pre and Post Chat Forms

Live Chat - Customer Support
Live Chat – Customer Support

Pre and Post Chat Form is an incredible feature that can help the customer support department to gather even more valuable information from customers. The pre-chat form is actually a premade number of fields a visitor has to fill in before he/she can talk to the agent. Usually, these fields require some very basic information, such as the name, email address, order or ticket number, the user ID or account, and question for the Live Chat Agent. The pre-chat form doesn’t necessarily have to contain an area where users can type in their questions; it can be customized so that it can also contain multiple-choice questions, where the user can simply click on a specific option.

The information gathered from the pre-chat form eliminates the need for getting more information once the chat starts. This shortens the time needed to serve a customer. Also, the ability to make customized forms can be useful in situations when complex situations have to be resolved quickly.

The best practice is to keep the number of questions in the pre-chat form under five, including the address and name. This is also an excellent way to open the doors in order to work out trust issues if a company has a poor reputation.

Post-chat forms are technically the same as pre-chat ones, except they come after the chat session has ended. The questions in these forms have the intent to collect visitors’ feedback and measure customer satisfaction with customer service. It is a unique opportunity for website visitors to comment on their overall experience.

Post chat forms provide incredibly valuable information for the customer support department and the company as a whole. Data gathered from post-chat forms can be used to evaluate and improve live chat agent performance. This is an excellent way to determine which chat operators need additional training.

Also, feedback from customers enables the company to be more reactive. Experienced live chat agents can quickly react and make amends with the customers who gave a negative rating, which is incredibly important.

Integrations with CRM

Customer Relationship Management - CRM - Integration
Customer Relationship Management – CRM – Integration

One of the main CRM system’s purposes is to store various data about the company’s customers. The integration of the CRM system and Live Chat tool comes very naturally. All the data gathered from the chat sessions with the customers and the data from the website visitors are gathered, sorted, and stored by a CRM system. This integration is exactly what truly unlocks the potentials of Live Chat software.

The data gathered through Live Chat software by CRM system can be used to build accurate customer profiles. The more information live chat agents have at their hands the better the communication will be. This integration really shines when it comes to addressing the issues of returning customers. Customer support agents will be able to recognize these customers and address them with customized approaches and this is exactly what leads to better customer satisfaction rates.

The history of conversations is also very important when there is a complex issue to be solved. With this integration, live chat agents will have access to the CRM profile, which contains all chat transcripts from before. This way a smoother workflow is achieved because support agents don’t have to put customers on hold while they access the archives. Quick and more precise support leads to increased customer retention and satisfaction rates.

As you can see, only these three features of Live Chat software provide some incredible benefits that can transform and improve the Customer Support department in the organization. With real-time insight into who is visiting the company’s website and the ability to integrate all the data with a CRM software, an organization can efficiently build healthy foundations for growth, and what’s more important, sustaining it.

Article By: Jason Grills is a writer and a technical support executive currently associated with Live2Support – a live customer and sales chat software by ProProfs. He enjoys writing about emerging software products, new designs, and trends in content marketing. He lives in Los Angeles, California. In his spare time, Jason enjoys pampering his pet dogs, shopping, and doing all things creative.

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