3 Ways a Smartwatch Can Improve Your Life

Using Smartwatch while Driving Car

If there’s been one tech trend that’s been slow to catch on, it would be smartwatches. Although some smartwatches enjoyed somewhat robust sales in their first year, in 2016, the sales number of smartwatches had halved.

One reason why smartwatches might not be so hot is that people don’t see the benefits of them. Why spend a few hundred dollars on another device, when you already have a smartphone? Although they might seem like something you don’t need, using a smartwatch can help improve your life. Here’s how.

You Can Easily Record Your Ideas

Ever have an idea, mean to write it down, but then forget? That idea is gone with the wind. With innovative and cheap smartwatch technology, you never have to scramble for a piece of paper and pen or hunt around for your phone to tap into the idea. Most watch models have a speech to text feature that lets you verbally record any ideas you have. The instant you think of something, you can record it to review and remember later.

You’ll Never Miss a Call Again

Thanks to the cell phone, you’re expected to be available for calls at all times. But the reality is that sometimes your phone is buried in a backpack, purse, or pocket and you can’t hear it ring or feel the phone vibrate, so you miss a call. You’re able to connect a smartwatch to your smartphone using Bluetooth, and the watch can notify you with a vibration anytime someone calls.

You’ll never pick up your phone and see that you missed a call from your best friend or family member again. And, you still have the option of rejecting or ignoring any calls that come through your watch during those times when you don’t want to answer.

It Notifies but Doesn’t Distract You

If you’ve ever fallen into the rabbit hole of aimlessly using your smartphone when you meant to check just one thing, you’ll appreciate that getting notifications on your smartwatch will keep you informed but won’t distract you. You won’t end up aimlessly scrolling through your Facebook feed or looking at friend’s photos on Instagram when you get an email notification or calendar alert on your watch.

It’s also easier to sneak a peek at your smartwatch when you feel it vibrate than it is to pull out your phone and look. If you’ve been accused of always checking your phone, wearing a smartwatch will get the critics off your back.

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/MlI3uZlK2qc

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