5 alternative UK careers for 2019


If the post-festive period has left you feeling flatter than a pallet of pancakes squashed underneath a steamroller, dissatisfaction with your career could be the root of the problem.

But switching to an entirely new vocation is a daunting prospect if you’ve occupied the same role for many years, and moving brings more uncertainty when you’re financially responsible for your family.

However, sometimes fortune favors the brave, so if you’re going to put on your big boy (or girl) pants and be proactive, you’ll need a job that’s significantly different from your current position to really feel the benefits of career migration.

With that in mind, here are five alternative UK careers for 2019.

1. Stuntperson

If you’re thrilled by rescuing the US President from an assassin by using Ninjutsu skills in the morning, then saving a child’s life by jumping from a moving train after your lunchtime instant noodles, becoming a stuntperson is right up your street.

Breaking into the industry isn’t easy, but a course from stunt experts BLAST Academy followed by registration on the British Equity Stunt Registry will stand you in good stead.

2. Circus performer

If you’re a lion or an elephant, your prospects of a circus career aren’t as promising as they once were — most modern circuses are animal-free, so the consensus is you should stick to the savannah.

But if you’re a human with well-developed clowning or trapeze skills and want to convert your hobbies to a professional vocation, a circus career might be beckoning.

A degree in circus arts from the National Centre for Circus Arts is a firm foundation for a lasting career in the big top, check their website for details.

3. Private investigator

Anyone with keen observational skills, sharp intelligence, and a sense of discretion has several of the skills necessary for a career in private investigation.

And in the UK, the duties of private investigators range from uncovering commercial fraud to finding missing persons, so it’s a varied and exciting career.

A background in law enforcement is an advantage, but studying for an IQ Level 3 award with a detective training school like API can be enough to secure a foothold in the industry.

4. Vlogger

Anyone with expertise in makeup and beauty, keep-fit and diets, or travel and tourism can earn a tasty crust by becoming a YouTube vlogger.

You’ll need great communication, an engaging personality, basic filming and editing knowledge, and a subject that’s relatable for a specific audience.

If you find the magic formula, lucrative brand sponsorship deals might mean you can give up your day job for good.

5. Digital marketer

Digital marketing’s a broad church and a thriving industry where roles can range from search marketing experts and website developers to content writers and graphic designers.

And there are a couple of different options working for a digital agency like Attercopia would entail applying your skills and expertise to a wide client base, whereas being employed in-house means you’d dedicate your time to developing a single brand’s digital presence.

That’s our list! Share your own alternative career ideas in the comments section.

Image source: Pixabay.com

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