5 Creative Ideas for Throwing a Christmas Party People Will Love

Plan your Christmas Party

This year get into the holiday spirit by planning a memorable Christmas party for friends and family. Celebrations are a cheery way to assemble everyone and exchange Christmas wishes personally.

If you are craving to throw a party this Christmas, but feel all messed up, we have a perfect game plan all ready for you to get going. Plan a hassle-free Christmas party using the wonderful ideas given below, and take all the stress out of the planning part:

1. Select a Proper Date if All are Busy on Christmas Eve:

Choose a date in December that will be convenient for all, mostly a weekend. Early December would work fine to avoid schedule conflicts with other events.

2. Select a Proper Venue:

Weigh all the pros and cons before finalizing whether you would prefer to host the Christmas Party at home or rent a good space. A party at home would be very cost-effective and ideal for gathering around 40 people or lesser. Whereas for a larger group, renting a space will work better.

3. Select a Party Theme:

Selecting a Christmas party theme becomes important if you desire to have all-party constituents on the same page. Sticking to one theme will save a lot of time and work required to host a Christmas party. Your chosen theme will help bind together your decor, food, and Christmas party invites, irrespective of whether you plan a Winter Wonderland Extravaganza or a classic Christmas party.

Christmas Celebrations
Ways to Celebrate Christmas this year

4. Resort to Proper Budgeting for Food and Decorations and Plan in Advance:

Once the guest list is ready, you need to set aside a fixed amount of money for the food, in proportion to the number of invites sent out. Select cocktails, appetizers, and desserts that are not time-consuming, so that you too can join the Christmas party and enjoy yourself. A surprise element can be added by adding custom labels to wine and beer bottles.

Another important aspect is preparing in advance. Once the date is fixed, all preparations should begin, especially if a part of the plan is to order online. If you need a helping hand, it should be confirmed in advance with the concerned person.

5. Add Some Spice to Your Party By Arranging Games and Other
Fun Activities:

To turn on, the fun quotient generates a bit of laughter and cheer by arranging games at your Christmas party. Party games boost the overall energy and help guests to intermingle with ease. You can request a friend to take the lead so that you can relax for a while.

merry christmas gifts
Merry Christmas Gifts
  • Gingerbread House Decorating Competition: This delicious decorating activity can be transformed into an exciting competition if you have lots of time to spare. Divide the lot into tiny pairs and give them a gingerbread house, decorations, and frosting to test which one can come up with the best house design.
  • White Elephant: This is a classic Christmas game that has been traditional to many households. This gift exchange game involves unpacking any gift from a common table and later having the option of keeping it or stealing someone else’s during their turn. When the table is empty, the game ends, and all participants are forced to keep what they have in hand.

Activities are a must! In contrast to games, these simple activities are non-competitive but indulging.

  • Karaoke: Lighten the mood with a few rounds of karaoke having some all-time favorites. It is a very entertaining and simple activity that maintains the holiday spirit and creates a bit of nostalgia.
  • Crafts: If your party involves kids, a table for arts and crafts weaves the required magic. Fun crafts can be made from paper snowflakes, homemade ornaments, stocking decorations, and angels.
  • Decoration of Cookies: Have a cookie decorating table set up and arrange for some Christmas-shaped sugar cookies in addition to lovely toppings and lots of colored icings.
  • Photobooth having Christmas Props: You can build or rent a photo booth with lots of comic Christmas props. They are very popular at themed parties and are a great way to document all of the happenings you have so painfully orchestrated. Guests can click family photos to be kept as a memento forever.
  • Christmas card Tree: In advance, ask your invitees to get along their photo Christmas cards for this craft and fun-filled activity. Rather than allowing Christmas cards to gather dust, it is better to exchange them at the party and decorate the Christmas trees with these cards. It would help if you kept ornaments and small clips ready for making the card trees.

Hosting a Christmas party is not all that tough if you take it in your stride. If you drool over the Christmas season, the entire planning phase will get cheerful as you give a creative touch and discover spirited methods to make the Christmas party enjoyable for all.

Pre-planning will help share the special occasion with loved ones and be a part of it all. Post the party; make it a point to send out Christmas cards to all the attendees, so that they can be kept as mementos to cherish forever. Custom labels can be added to the cards to make them all the more interesting.

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