Six Proven Strategies to Monetize Your Android App

6 Proven Strategies to Monetize Your Android App

Android is the king of mobile Operating Systems with the largest numbers of users across the world! Though iOS has a dignified market reputation, the devices powered by Android are still the highest.

Thus, Android is the first choice for different enterprises aiming to mobilize their business. For better market penetration and the highest download figures, Android has been leading the market in mobile operating systems.

Earning Extra Money with Monetization Technique Is Profitable

With the idea of taking initiatives for mobilizing business strategy, the enterprises plan to monetize the applications and grab higher returns from the investment. The popularity of Android does influence enterprises. Making money from Android apps is a long time process but if the app is developed in the right way with proper monetization techniques then it could be beneficial for the enterprises to earn higher beyond the expectations!

The Best Proven Methods of Monetizing Your Android App

1. Featuring Advertisements On Applications:

Featuring advertisements on applications is one of the most common methods for making money. Featuring banners, mini-anchor texts, slogans, etc. of the advertiser on the apps is a simple way of earning money. The advertisers pay for the advertisement on the apps.

2. Purchasing In-App Approach:

With this strategy, the products or applications are freely offered to the customers. For upgraded versions or special versions of the particular apps, the users need to pay a fixed amount of money.

3. Up-Front Payment Approach For Downloading The App:

The customers can be charged a particular amount for a single time while downloading the application. This approach is called up-front payment and with this, the users can use the app as per their requirements and they would even get free updates for the apps in the future.

4. Offering Free Apps With Freemium Approach:

With this approach, the users are offered a stripped-down version of the apps. This is basically meant for trial purposes. Once the users are satisfied with the trial version app, the users can download the full-version app integrated with the number of additional features. The users need to purchase the full-version apps.

5. Stimulating Users For Subscriptions:

Stimulating the users for subscriptions is considered the best way to earn money from the app. This is a proven method of earning higher in comparison to an advertisement or any upfront payments. This approach is a cool method for earning from the app but the app must be useful for users. So, users would access the app number of times and for a longer time because then a user will be happy to pay the subscription fee.

6. Raising Money From Data:

There are a number of advertisers and several third parties who might need data from your customers. Selling customer’s data to the interested parties is legal and this is indeed profitable for the enterprises but the enterprises need to follow specific data privacy laws for this approach. This model can help in earning extra money through the app that is ultimately profitable.


For monetizing the app, the apps must be useful and popular. Enterprises can use more than one approach for monetization. If any enterprise is not aware of whether the app is qualified for monetization strategy or not then it can seek assistance from the Android app Development Company having rich experience in the app development field.

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