7 Pros and Cons of AI for Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development using AI

Technology is an essential part of human progress. AI is the hot cake in the technology world right now. In case you are not updated enough, let me tell you what AI is.

Artificial Intelligence for Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence is – machines doing tasks for you that would generally require help. It has been a while now since AI has been influencing different spheres of our lives through big data, IoT, and Machine Learning.

Earlier AI was thought to be sci-fi stuff only. But now, its application is widespread. Companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft continuously find themselves competing to make discoveries in AI.

Expectedly, Mobile App Development is not free from the touch of AI. We will list some significant pros and cons of AI for Mobile App Development here.

Pros of AI for Mobile App Development

1. Enhanced productivity

Mobile app development is a long and complex process. It requires some repetitive, monotonous tasks to be performed. AI can be of great help in completing these.

This helps increase creativity and prevents the waste of time. If humans were to perform these tedious tasks on their own, it would take more time, as humans cannot perform at the same rate as computers.

2. Day-to-day applications

AI has made its way to our day-to-day life through the mobile applications that we use. Travel and tourism applications can be greatly benefitted by augmented reality, which will be aided by AI. It lets the customers have a virtual tour and view of the place and creates a better interest in visiting the places.

Ride-sharing apps are using AI to calculate time, traffic, and other relevant data. They can also add features like self-driving cars in the future, which will require the use of AI.

Social media platforms use AI to detect a person’s face. The apps used for predictive writing and correction of human spellings, chatbots in different apps, automated replies are some other mentions of AI in daily life applications. Without combining AI with these applications’ development, it wouldn’t be possible to deliver these services.

3. Error free processing

Humans are prone to committing mistakes. But machines do not make mistakes unless they are programmed incorrectly. Humans can make mistakes due to exhaustion while performing tedious, repetitive tasks. AI can do those tasks without any fatigue and maintain the quality of work.

4. Cross platform advantage

An app needs to perform well both on the web and on mobile sites. The same goes for smartphones using different operating systems. Build a website, and AI-powered tools can make it mobile-friendly for you. You necessarily don’t need to take the trouble all by yourself. It can create different versions of the same app for different platforms.

Cons of AI for Mobile App Development

1. Lack of human creativity

Mobile apps require different features that distinguish themselves from others. Implementing such features needs imagination and creativity. AI machines can’t be as creative as humans. They can only code following an algorithm.

As a result, though AI-enabled devices can help mobile app development, it can’t do it all on its own. An app entirely built on machines will be void of creativity and be very generic.

2. Difficulty in implementation

It’s not an easy task to implement AI in mobile app development. To do that, you need programmers who are efficient enough to handle it.

Ordinary traditional programmers might find it difficult to work on a mobile app with AI features. It may also increase the limited budget for mobile app development, which is a matter of concern. So implementing AI in mobile app development is not everyone’s cup of tea.

3. Risk of poor implementation

It would help if you had sufficient skillset, money, technology, and time to create an AI-enabled mobile app. Without all these, your implementation of such technology may result in a blunder. There’s a risk of poor user experience because of the poor execution.


There is no unmixed good on earth. Artificial Intelligence is not an exception. But in today’s world, using AI in mobile application development is a necessity. We cannot but try to take the positive sides of AI as much as possible while avoiding the odd ones.

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