7 Reasons Why Students Prefer Private Tuition over Group Tuition

The art of tutoring has been around for thousands of years. Great leaders and military generals had tutors and mentors that defined them and helped them refine their skills. Alexander the Great was tutored by the famous Aristotle before he went on to conquer half the world at such an early age.

As the times passed so did the views on education. Teaching techniques changed and that also affected the art of tutoring. Many kids in high school receive tuitions but the success rate usually depends on the methodology.

There are two types of tuitions; private and group. People think that group tuitions are great for children because they encourage group participation and are overall less ‘boring’ but what they fail to realise is that schools are already giving your kid the same atmosphere of group tuition and the reason why the child is lagging behind is because he needs more attention.

Private tutoring is now getting more popular as it has proven to be more effective.

Here are eight reasons why private tuitions are better than group tuitions;

One-On-One Interaction

Every student has their own special skill and every student has their very own unique need. One student might do better with little attention and one just might need a little more. Private tuitions are a great way for the teacher and the student to spend more one on one time together. This helps the teacher not only identify the weak points of their student but also helps keep the student in check and away from any distraction.

Private tuitions help tutors pinpoint the areas they need to work more on in order to make their student learn better. This is obviously an added advantage as compared to group classes where a single teacher has to divide their attention among 20-plus students and a single child’s confusion on a subject matter can easily get lost in crowd. In a private setting a tutor can easily help their student in their weak areas.

Customised Lessons

The biggest advantage private tuitions have is the ability of the teacher or the student to pick any topic or subject that needs more attention. The tutor does not have 20 kids whose preference he or she has to give credence to. The learner can easily benefit by having a say on the pace, goals of the lesson and the topic selected.

This depending on the ability of the student and the amount of effort put in could double not only the productivity but also the learning efficiency as well. Geography Tutors especially can make use of this time in order to go more in depth with cultural referencing in order to help a child grasp a certain topic more. This is helpful with students especially who suffer from learning disabilities like dyslexia.

Can Choose the Teacher of Your Own Choice

Students respond differently to every teacher. In a private tuition system the one to one approach helps kids develop a relationship with the teacher that otherwise in a bigger classroom would be impossible. A teacher can have a profound influence on a child and can shape the way they view a certain subject.

Whether they like it or they hate it all depends on how well the teacher connects with the learner and how well they make the learner understand the certain topic. Shy students are mostly more comfortable in private tuition setting because it allows them to express themselves freely without feeling the pressure of not embarrassing themselves.

Test Practice and Homework

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys doing homework and honestly it can be really daunting for some students. They will mostly be concerned with getting it done on time but won’t enjoy doing the actual work. Private tuitions have a very informal environment that allows the student be more involved and actually learn something and then apply the concepts in the test practice.

Having a tutor who not only helps the student stay focused but also lets him or her enjoy the work is crucial. In the same way tutors can really help to prepare the students for their exams or tests and give advices that they probably won’t get in a class environment.

Better Learning Methodology and Materials

Schools have a very strong reliance on text books and the learning methodology is usually very rigid that only focuses on children being stressed about retaining the studied material but not really learning and understanding it in a practical matter. Private tuitions are quite informal and allow the tutor to choose whichever study material or form they want to apply.

Many students respond well to animated video explanations on different topics which help them not only to understand the study material but also to remember or even apply in daily life. Thus the freedom and access to any study material with no limitations allows the student to learn better and efficiently.

Suitable Timetable

The biggest perk of private tuitions that even students agree with is the flexibility of the study time. Not only do students get to sleep in comfortably and not drag themselves out of the bed half-awake but they can also save time in terms of travel. Organising a time table is very easy and can suit the availability of the teacher and the student both allowing the student plenty of time for other extra-curricular activities.

A lot Of Time and Effort Saved

When children grow up, there comes a time when parents are unable to help them with homework and they have to struggle to figure it out all on their own. Many parents, who are able to help kids with homework, also find it difficult to find time for the kids amid hectic schedules. In both the cases, private tuitions seem like a better option and also a perfect use of the available time and skill.

All in all, private tuitions seem like a better option to help your child not only retain what they have learnt but also understand it fully and enjoy it.

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