9 Ways to Use WordPress Form Plugins On Your Website

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Establishing a strong relationship between your business and website visitors is extremely important. To further grow your audience and increase conversations, you need to make sure your site provides the necessary communication tools.

Many WordPress form plugins offer an abundance of templates to choose from, including booking forms, event registrations, quizzes, and more. This article takes a closer look at the wide variety of form types and the different ways in which they can be used for engaging with an audience and gathering valuable information.

Contact Form

The contact form is the most commonly used form type. They are a necessary addition to any website and help increase conversation and customer satisfaction. Contact forms contain separate boxes for name, e-mail address, and a message box. Some contact forms are connected to the specific account users log into the website.

This means the form gets auto-filled with information taken directly from the user profile. Contact forms are a necessity for all websites because they help administrators and site visitors communicate without exposing the website’s exact e-mail info, thus minimizing the risk of e-mail spam attacks.

Feedback Form

Site visitors often use the original contact forms when providing feedback to the website owners and developers. Although contact forms may be used for feedback, having a dedicated feedback form lowers the response time as it provides information in a structured way thatâ’s easier to process.

Feedback forms usually consist of a series of logically connected questions that guide the user into providing detailed feedback without overburdening him with filling in unnecessary information.

Event Registration

No matter if you’re planning a company cocktail, an annual bloggers meetup, a hobby club gathering, or any other type of personal or business event, you’ll find it way easier to manage invitations with the help of a form plugin. Almost every popular WordPress form plugin offers a special template dedicated to event planning.

These forms usually contain a box for personal contact information and tick boxes that allow attendees to choose their most convenient date and time for the event. If the details around the event are already planned, the form simply resembles a digital RSVP letter.

Job Application Form

If your company is opening new positions, the first thing you need to do is notify your website visitors about the available career opportunities. Directly listing the email addresses of your hiring managers and HR representatives on your website will inevitably fill their inboxes with spam emails.

Adding a job application form to your company website will help you keep your business information private and provide a structured layout for upcoming applications. Make sure to ask clear questions and add both long-form and short-form answer boxes and attachments to allow applicants to show off their resumes and encourage them to share more about what motivates them to apply for a particular position.

Order Form

Some eCommerce websites prefer to keep a simpler website layout or have no financial resources to invest in a complex shopping cart; thus, the need for an alternative arises. The order form is usually compiled by the contact of the buyer, a shipping address, product type, and quantity.

Order forms won’t automatically calculate product and delivery costs. They are usually used as a mediation method that requires further contact between the delivery managing team and the clients and includes direct online payments through services like PayPal or Stripe.

Booking Form

Booking forms are just like order forms but are designed to work with services instead of products. Booking forms may also contain boxes for scheduling an exact service delivery time and may include a choice option for hiring a specific number of professionals and other additional questions related to the booked service.


You can also use a WordPress forms plugin to create and conduct a survey that will help you expand your business and gain valuable information about your clients and your industry niche.

Surveys usually have a formal tone and jokes and puns that break the ice and turn the otherwise dull one-sided conversation into a fun activity. Surveys can be both long and short, depending on the amount of information they are intended to get.


A quiz is a form of game that requires the players to answer a specific amount of questions correctly. The main purpose of a quiz is to provide entertainment, although it can also be educational.

Quizzes can be used to increase user engagement on a website. They can include time limitations that increase the challenge and usually require players to know a specific area, but they may also play the personality test role.


Polls are short-form questionnaires that display answers in a statistical form with graphical bar charts or pie charts. The poll’s role is to gather information from the user and provide collected data from the answers for informational or entertainment purposes. They are a great way to spruce up an article. When placed in the sidebar, they are also used to engage with site visitors.

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