A myriad of intriguing culture and history: Kochi

A port town since the early 1300s, Kochi, also called Cochin is a prominent city in the Southern Indian state of Kerala and has been a hot spot for traders since time immemorial.

Ease of access via the sea, access to exotic spices of Kerala, and an intermediary point for seamen traveling further to Indonesia and Malaysia are some of the factors which contributed to the growth of Kochi. These factors made it a trade hub, and as a result of this, the city now boasts of a unique, diverse culture which is a mix of Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, and English cultures with an Indian overtone to it.

A glimpse of History

Buildings of historical importance such as The Dutch Palace of Mattancherry, the Jewish Synagogue, the Portuguese Santa Cruz Basilica, and the man-made Willingdon islands made by the British are reminiscent of the era gone by.

A natural paradise

The beautiful backwaters, beaches, tea estates, and national parks in its vicinity will enthrall your senses. Be it Ernakulum to the North or the Vembanad Lake to its south, Kochi is surrounded by nature’s bounty.

A financial hub

In the past few years, Kochi has emerged as the IT and business hub in Kerala with large multinationals setting up their offices in the city. This has seen an increase in people coming to Kochi on business tours or for seeking better job opportunities.

Visit the Marina

Kochi is also home to the country’s only Marina called the Kochi International Marina and has a beautiful waterfront promenade where one can enjoy a leisurely stroll by the lake. Kochi is a paradise for shopaholics and boasts of the largest shopping mall in the country.

A Gastronomic delight

A visit to Kochi is incomplete without trying the authentic seafood which the local eateries offer.

Getting there

Reaching Kochi is easy as it is accessible by road, rail, and air from all parts of the country. Once in Kochi, you can choose to travel by the local transportation network or hire a taxi for sight-seeing. If you like privacy and independence while on the road then the ideal option to commute is by renting a self-drive car in Kochi so that you are not dependent on anybody and free-form delays and inconvenience of public transportation. Car renting companies such as Zoomcar provide their car hire services in Kochi. It is convenient and hassle-free to pick up a car on rent.

Kochi is truly a melting pot of different cultures and traditions. Kochi is sure to leave its visitor spellbound.

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