Add the AI strategy to your marketing with SendPulse

Marketing Made Simple with SendPulse

In the digital age, nothing is good enough. You know what I am hinting at if you’re baffled by the amount of marketing needed to make your business a success.

Clients are bombarded with e-mails, social media posts, SMS, and various digital mediums with promotional information, how do you stand a chance to be viewed? How do you know if your marketing strategy is working? We need more than just regular tools to battle this issue. We need Artificial intelligence! And SendPulse gives you just that.

SendPulse - AB test design process
SendPulse AB Testing

SendPulse is a well-thought service for all small businesses that use Artificial Intelligence. Let’s cut to the chase and understand the app! In simple terms, SendPulse is an integrated messaging platform that enables users to send bulk email, bulk SMS messages, and web push notifications all from one App.

This means you don’t have to juggle different platforms for these three channels of communication. SendPulse has a unique contact segmentation feature that helps you sort your contact lists into various categories as per the need for all three methods of communication.

This is a super feature for being organized and helps in strategizing your marketing moves. Marketing isn’t easy, it’s crucial to send appropriate messages to the target audiences, and this contact segmenting feature allows you to do just that.

Here’s what really makes this application stand out. The dynamic AI features increase E-mail open rates! By far the most useful feature of SendPulse; based on the E-mail analytics drawn by the application, users can select the ‘send e-mails to unread’ feature and increase the rate of opened emails from 30%-40% (subject to the type of industry).

Another unique AI feature available is; email follow-up and web push follow up which increases the open rate by 30%. Now isn’t that amazing!

SendPulse - Campaign Statistics
SendPulse – Campaign Statistics

The detailed analytics drafted by the application enlist Open Rate and Click Rate, Click the chart, Geographic stats, Statistics by device, and Error statistics all of which enable you to understand your mail efficiency better.

The application provides its own formats of mail newsletters that you can use, or if you’re well-versed with HTML you can explore drafting your own formats. There’s no wonder SendPulse was recognized as one of the best startups of 2016 by The Next Web and was also one of the three finalists The Next Web SCALE 2016 program.

If you are a start-up SendPulse has a Startup Accelerator Program that provides a $5,000 grant for email marketing development to all the participants. After installation, you can easily import all your contact details, and marketing content and start using all the features of the App.

SendPulse offers the largest quota on its free plans for email and SMTP services and with the least functionality restrictions, in fact, their web push service is free (forever). There are various payment plans available to choose from; namely list-based and pay-as-you-go.

The platform is user-friendly and has a simple design and clear layouts of all the features. You can find their tutorials available on the Youtube channel.

SendPulse isn’t an application that is going to become a thing of the past. Their focus on exploring AI as much as possible has gotten some truly useful features in the pipeline like; analyzing the best time to send messages increasing interaction rates by the recipient, automatic selection of appropriate channels of message delivery (email, web push, mobile push, SMS), automated e-mail personalization, automated subject, and content optimization.

SendPulse aims at users to get their ROI through well-choreographed messaging and content. These AI features are unique and dynamic, with only growth and better options to come in the future.

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