Best Adventure Holidays For Single Travelers

Solo Women Traveler

Traveling solo gives you so much freedom. You get to do what you want when you want and with very little planning. Singles have more fun and solo life on the road has a habit of throwing up all manner of surprises.

That’s not to say, solo travel doesn’t get lonely at times. If you are craving company why not join an escorted adventure holiday geared toward single travelers? I’ve got a few ideas to throw out there.

Tour the Greek Islands

There are few island adventures that offer a multitude of intrigue and excitement than the Greek islands. The beautiful landscape is a given and delving into the mysteries of mythology is perfect for inquisitive travelers with a curiosity for the ancient past.

Greek cuisine is an absolute delight as well. If you revel in experiencing local cuisine and welcoming hospitality, the Greeks do not let you down. Don’t give up the opportunity to try Souvlaki or grilled fish drizzled with ladolemono.

Italian Food Adventure

On the topic of food, an Italian adventure to sample the sumptuous delights of culinary masters is a must for food lovers. If you’re a fan of pasta and pizza, you’re in for a real treat – authentic Italian kitchens take mealtimes to another level.

Italian cuisine is much more diverse than the well-known staples you find all over the world. Try burrata, a rich buttery artisan cheese (similar to mozzarella), melanzana all parmigiana, and homemade Italian gelato of course.

Camino de Santiago

Steeped in history, the Camino de Santiago from the French border through northwestern Spain is the route taken by medieval pilgrims in honor of St.James the Great who is said to be buried in the Santiago de Compostela.

You don’t have to be religious to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and socialize with like-minded travelers looking for a unique experience. Not everyone you meet on this iconic route is there for the pomp and ceremony! It’s actually a great way to meet interesting people.

Cycle South-East Asia

The diverse landscape and rich cultural experiences in South-East Asia are best explored by bicycle. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the chaos of Vietnam traffic and engaged with life along the Mekong Delta in Cambodia.

Then there’s Thailand, of course, the sultry beaches, a vast array of sumptuous (and spicy) dishes, exciting cities, and charming temples. Passing through traditional villages and watching the locals work the paddy fields is a truly rewarding way to experience South-East Asia – and you are almost guaranteed to strike bonding relationships with other solo travelers.

Explore the Dynamic Landscape of Iceland

If you can brave the cold weather, a trip to Iceland has to be on your bucket list. The landscape is unreal at times, and thanks to the country’s ring road, which is connected to all the major highlights, getting around this dynamic island is far easier than you would imagine.

Recognized for its bubbling mud pools and geothermal hot springs, Iceland invites you to enjoy unique experiences, and with its close-knit community and low crime rate, traveling alone, or with a group of singles, is completely safe.

Image source: Freepik Premium

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