Top 7 Android App Development Companies in Canada and How to Find Them

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Communication and business have undergone a profound technological change after the emergence of the internet. Now mobile applications and smartphones are dominating the technological world.

Mobile apps can be described as the latest benchmark of modern business for its progress and organizational growth. There are hundreds of app development companies that are working on the progress of the Android platform.

Android Oreo or Android O is considered the latest Android version across the globe. The article will discuss the top App Development Companies in Canada, and how could you find a good company.

The trend of smartphones and advanced gadgets has changed the way of business in the digital era. If you are looking for good app-developing companies across Canada for your business, this article will help you to find the best app for developing companies in the industry.

Best app developing companies in the industry:

#1 Clearbridge Mobile

If you are looking for an award-winning full-stack mobile development company across Canada, you must be heard about Clearbridge Mobile. This is one of the most famous app development companies in the Toronto area. Good customer reviews have helped the organization acquire a good rank in the industry.

It is important to mention that the company has a vast client base. They deal with some renowned players like Tim Hortons, USA Today, Rogers Communications, Gannett, and Cambridge Global Payments. The organization doesn’t work only with renowned players but with small enterprises and new start-ups.

Years of services have helped Clearbridge Mobile to achieve a good position in the field of their business. The developers at Clearbridge Mobile have worked with more than 500 companies for developing suitable mobile solutions.

Few things make the organization different from the others. Clearbridge Mobile often offers customized services as per the requirement, including mixed-model team integration, end-to-end app development, and staff augmentation.

The company is developing Android applications only; it also builds native iOS apps and provides additional development services like strategy and product planning, cross-platform development, UI/UX design, and specific services for advanced platforms.

Nowadays, Clearbridge Mobile is considered the #1 mobile app development company in Canada. If you are looking for a good app development company to enhance your business, you can visit the official website of Clearbridge Mobile or contact them for further details.

#2 FuGenX Technology

Online business has changed the definition of a business in recent years. Mobile applications have accelerated the process of commercial exchange in recent times. Nowadays, small enterprises and big organizations are relying on the vast reach and effectiveness of mobile apps. If you are also looking for an effective mobile-based solution for your business, FuGenX Technology can help you.

FuGenX Technology is one of the best mobile app development companies in Canada. Their dedicated team has gained app development expertise and is famous for their highest quality service offerings to the customers. If you are willing to build an efficient mobile-based solution for your business, visit the official website or call on their helpline for further information.

#3 iQlance

The business has changed nature in this digital era of the 21st century. Mobile-based applications are dominating the present business scenario, and it is highly competitive. If you are willing to compete in this competitive business environment, you must follow the trend.

Small and big enterprises are now relying upon the digital medium’s vast reach to increase their captivity. If you are also willing to participate in the competition, it is necessary to have a mobile-based application for your trade.

iQlance is one of the leading app development companies in Canada and it acquires a dedicated team of developers to meet your requirements. The company has been serving in the industry for a few years and their excellent work has made them different from the others.

The team acquires great expertise on different subjects like IoT solutions, mobile and web applications, custom software building, Google Actions, Alexa skills, AR/VR apps, and cloud migrations/management. Moreover, the experts can also help you in developing, conceptualizing, prototyping, and deploying a total solution.

#4 S-PRO

S-PRO can help you get the perfect apps for your trade if you are searching for blockchain development and a custom cross-platform mobile app for your business. The organization is famous for its work with renowned players as well as small enterprises over the years.

They have a dedicated team of experts, and they create their own flow to make a unique product in the competitive market. S-PRO is recognized for its special core technology named React Native, which is used in its apps. If you are looking for an effective mobile solution for your business at a reasonable rate, visit the official website or contact us for more information.

#5 Konstant Infosolutions (Palo Alto, CA)

The technology market is highly competitive, and there are numerous app development companies. If you are hunting for the best mobile app development companies for your business in Canada, Konstant Infosolutions can fulfill your needs.

KonstantInfosolutions is one of the award-winning web and mobile app development companies to provide best-in-class services. The company has worked with many leading brands like Nestle, Citrix, NASSCOM, Rawbank, Seconds, Scholastic, and many more. Presently KonstantInfosolutions acquires a good position, and you can consult with the developers regarding your business requirements.

#6 NMG Technologies

NMG Technologies is one of the leading companies in app development across Canada. The company has been operating its business for more than 8 years, and it has acquired a large base of happy customers to date.

The company acquires an excellent team of workers and if you are looking for an effective mobile-based solution for your business you can consult with the developers from NMG Technologies.

#7 AppStudio

If you are searching for an effective app-based solution for your business for a long time, it’s time to hire an effective app development company for your business requirement.

AppStudio is a renowned firm to offers mobile-based solutions to its clients. If you are looking for the best app development companies in Canada, you have heard about AppStudio.

The young, creative Canadian team tries to offer various app-based solutions to its clients. AppStudio acquires a dedicated team of professionals and experts who can help you find the right solution for your business easily.

The competition is fierce in the digital age, and you must follow effective strategies to survive in a competitive environment. The discussion highlights the top app development companies in Canada, and you can visit them for your business requirements.

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