How to transfer messages from Android to iPhone

iCloud transfer

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android? Changing smartphones is not unusual nowadays, especially with so many new models being launched at attractive prices.

In the case of these transitions, the change may seem a bit difficult, especially about being able to move content from an old smartphone to the new one.

Because they have completely different operating systems, this task may seem a bit complicated, but the truth is that there are many ways to transfer Android to iPhone. One of them is the iCloud transfer.

iCloud Transfer

iCloud is extremely useful, especially for backing up Apple devices, but it can also help you move your contacts to a new smartphone. To do this, you need an iCloud account, but if you do not already have one, just go to the service’s website and create one quickly; if you do not have an Apple device.

With your account created and authenticated, open iCloud in your browser and click Contacts. Here you will see a list of all your contacts on your iPhone. Now, press the Ctrl and A keys simultaneously on your keyboard to select every one of your contacts from this list. Alternatively, you can manually select them if you want to filter which contacts you want to transfer to Android.

Now click on the gear icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to see some new options. Select “Export vCard” to open a new screen, in which you must select all your contacts one more time (using the Ctrl and A keys). Choose “Export vCard” again and select the location on your computer where you want to save your contacts. Remember that you can also save to synced folders in the cloud, such as a Google Drive or Dropbox folder, allowing you to access the file from any device.

They will be saved as a VCF extension file, which you can send yourself by email or import into a Google account. When you activate your new Android phone, just import this file when you set up your email on your device. It should bring all your old contacts to your Google account without major difficulties. We only recommend that you keep a copy of this file in a safe place if you need it in the future.

But the steps above are complicated enough! Some people may be bothered how they have to deal with accounts such as Google Drive or Dropbox folders. They need an alternative that can help them transfer data quickly and efficiently without having to burden them with long-winded stages.

We have another alternative! Throughout this article I will explain how you can use a simple application to transfer your data from Android to iPhone in just 3 steps! Of course the app can help you transfer your contacts as well.

The software I use to make the transfer is dr.fone – Switch and it allows you to do the data transfer very quickly and intuitively. Before we move on to the steps that need to be taken to move all data from Android to iPhone (or vice versa), we need to know some reasons why dr.fone – Switch is one of the best solutions. Here are the main reasons why you can rely on this software to transfer all your important data.

  • To run dr.fone – Your switch does not need any IT experience. As long as you can read all the instructions given, that is more than enough!
  • This software supports almost all Android and iPhone devices. This means that you have a fairly wide operating range.
  • Compatible with major providers such as T-mobile, Verizon, Sprint and so on.
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and Mac 10.13

Step 1. Open the software

Run this great application! Connect your two devices (Android and iPhone) to your computer and make sure your computer is able to detect both. Once the computer has detected both, you are ready for the next steps.

Step 2. Select the Switch mode

You will find a simple main window. Select the “Switch” mode and make sure that your iPhone is your destination.

Step 3. Transfer all the data you want (SMS, calendar, contacts, photos, music and so on)

You will see how all content that can be transferred is listed in the window. You only need to choose whichever you want. After selecting, click “Start Transfer”. A small dialog will appear telling you about the percentage of the progress bar. Keep in mind that you are not recommended to disconnect any connections.

It’s so easy and so simple! You don’t need any IT experience to transfer all your data from Android to iPhone or vice versa. Hopefully this article can provide useful information for you.

Thank you for reading!

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