Android Marshmallow – The Version that is Secured Enough!

List of best Android 6.0 Marshmallow Feature

As Google announced Nexus devices’ launch along with other hardware products too, the unveiling of Android 6.0 (the new version is named Marshmallow) got sizeable attention.

Marshmallow was released in 3 Developer Previews, but it is now officially released with the unveiling and would be shipped with both Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, along with the new Chromebooks.

Several changes are in line with Marshmallow, and there have been drastic performance and security improvements over Android 5.0 (Lollipop). The most obvious security measure from the new version is fingerprint support technology, as the fingerprint scanner will soon be used as a strong identification tool. The sensor can be used through different apps too.

The use of app permissions, which offers the ability to change, manage, and control permissions, and Android Pay’s implementation are the two newest features introduced in the version.

Here is a list of the best nine features offered in Android Marshmallow:

App Permission

When downloading new apps on Google Play, users are generally asked to give developer permissions to access a huge list of functions. Google now lets you select the functions of accessibility.

One can now pick and choose which apps can gain access and which don’t require the function. Giving an app free rein of different functions, including contacts, photos, or location, is difficult for various users.

Google Now on Tap

One of the coolest new features of Android Marshmallow is Google Now access on tap. Google Now can be accessible throughout the operating system with aid from Google’s assistant from any point of your device.

One has to hold the home button, and the Now button will appear from the bottom of the screen. One can use Now to get restaurant suggestions and even search for movie timings and stuff like that. One can browse for more information with a single tap itself.

The new version of OS can now scan the content you are searching for and present conversational interactions and contextual results. It is the most awesome feature of the new update.

Android Pay

Google has revamped its mobile payment service with Android Pay that can be run on Android KitKat phones and above. You can use the feature in stores by just tapping on the NFC terminal for the payment of goods.

One has to create a virtual account number that is not to be shared with the retailer. Android Pay is expected to work with more than 700,000 stores in the US and is expected to be compatible with several existing credit and debit cards. One can speed the process of payment with the feature.

Quick Fingerprint Access

Android Pay is tied in with Quick Fingerprint Access to log into the Google Play Store and even make online purchases with a single finger. Now you do not have to enter your long-winding password every time to access your phone.


Google is once again trying to improve battery life with the standby power getting updated. The Doze feature can detect if the device is not being used. Doze then puts the smartphone on sleep mode and reduces background services. This would not stop calls or texts, though.

Doze has drastically increased battery life on one of the latest tablets, according to the company’s internal tests.

Track Memory

Marshmallow now reveals the apps that eat into the device memory with the Track Memory feature. One can now know about the memory loss with the feature and how frequently running apps consume memory. One can remove or uninstall those apps to stop them from draining the phone memory.

Auto Backup

Have you ever switched a device and the app data is lost just like that? Marshmallow will make sure that the data is automatically backed up onto Google Drive. One can store about 25MP per app.

USB Type-C

USB Type-C support is extended to all smartphones and tablets, and Apple has already announced that its MacBook will support the new USB standard. The Chromebook Pixel now offers USB Type-C support. The new Android version is also extending full support for Type-C to help in charging your Android phones and tablets faster and more efficiently.

Multi-App, Split-Screen Support

Marshmallow now allows two apps to run side-by-side, just like the feature offered on Samsung’s Note devices. Now, as a Nexus 6 user, one can use the feature easily.

Other features of Marshmallow include simplified volume controls and better linking between apps, among others. But the features listed above are prominent enough to make Android users forget Lollipop completely and warm up to the new version.

Android users can expect Marshmallow to be released in November, mostly depending on the device one owns and the phone company’s support.

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