10 Invincible Tips for App Marketing on Google Play

Apps Marketing Tips for Android Apps Developer

We already know that only coding skill amounts to nothing if as a developer you cannot deliver apps that do not address user concerns and requirements. Mobile app developers today need marketing insight more than ever whether they are developing apps for Android, iOS, or any other platform.

As for Android developers, the scenario is more competitive with a wide range of devices and device-specific expectations from the apps on the Google Play Store. Naturally, offering some quick tips for Android developers for app marketing on Google Play is not all that simple.

Before even writing the first line of code the app developers need to understand their target users in the niche category. Without having a deeper understanding and insights on the wants and expectations of target users the developer’s job would be synonymous with a rolling ship on the mid seawater without a navigational compass.

Until the developers have the customer requirements in mind their coding job would be bereft of any direction. Knowing your target audience is not just a tip or advice, it is the first prerequisite for expecting any measure of success on the app store with your app.

Here we provide 10 invincible tips for Android developers for app marketing on Google Play.

1. Insist on an easy and purposefully brilliant UI and UX

It is a proven fact that simplicity and ease of use get more rewarded in the Play Store. An app with great features and content can simply be found to be boring by the majority of users because of the complexity in respect of user experience and clutter in UI.

You cannot win user hearts by making your app tougher for their daily use. The more simply you let users get their benefits from the app the better it is for your app to get popular on the app store.

2. Embark on a great monetization plan

Monetization of an app or to put it simply, how you want to earn revenue from your app depends on several factors. The size of your target audience, competition, uniqueness, and potential of your app, marketing, and launch plan for your app, advertisement, and plan for teaming up with other apps, all these factors are important to decide on your monetizing plan with the app.

As for paid apps, Google suggests fixing a higher price at the beginning, so that you can have a bigger room for lowering the price consecutively in the future. If you are sure of reaching a hefty volume of downloads and a great number of quality ads, a “free” app can arguably be worth considering. A “Freemium” approach with a “free” and “premium” version can also be great for both beginners and apps with a great following.

3. Use keywords to optimize your chances

Hitting on most search-savvy keywords in the app description and title you can enjoy better chances on the Play Store search ranks. Find keywords that are relevant to your app and then look for keywords that are less difficult.

Lastly, see how popular it is with traffic. There are a number of Keyword search tools that will tell you the score of your suggested keywords against these three parameters.

4. Optimize your chances with a great promotional video

Compared to other Play stores including iOS Google Play Store has an edge. It offers the developers to present their app to the audience with a promotional video. You can double the marketing chances by uploading the same video on YouTube and the app store profile. As the saying goes, seeing is believing and so a catchy video just can be a great marketing tool to win quick installs.

5. Attractive screenshots that inform users about the app

Attractive screenshots of your new app can hook in new users easily, especially if they inform them about the app and highlight its unique features and functional aspects. Putting eye-catchy and informative screenshots on the app web page, inside app reviews and other marketing fronts can generate quick interest in potential users.

Backlinking your app with quality content on reputed sites is a great way to win search rank favor. Though it is rather easy to advise and hard to implement a strategy if you can write good blogs for your app in reputed sites and provide a backlink, it can help to make your app store portfolio better and optimize search rank.

7. Drive your app marketing on all Android platforms together

Other than phones and tablets Android TV and Android Wear make other two Android platforms where you can market your app. Android wear devices like the Android watch and Google Glass are emerging device formats that are getting popular. Marketing your app on all these platforms and devices together will make your app exposed to a bigger audience and help to earn better Play Store ranks.

8. Offering app installs for visitors with Google sign-in

You can offer a quick free install to visitors who visit the app through Google sign-in. In recent times many app developers enjoyed as many as 40% conversions with this promotional trick. When someone has already stepped into your site the chances of converting to a quick download are always bigger and you should not miss the opportunity.

9. Reply to user reviews, comments, and address issues

In the post-launch period, every single user review and comment is important and offers a potential scope to earn user loyalty by positively replying to them and addressing their concerns.

10. Target specifically loyal users, not casual installs

The download number for your app is important but unless the app is actually used you cannot generate revenue or run the app like a business. Users, who repeatedly use your app, make purchases, post comments, and offer reviews are loyal users and they only help you to make your ROI figure grow. Casual installs of apps that do not make any user engagement have no value except to show the number of downloads.

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