The Ultimate Pre and Post Mobile App Marketing Strategy Guide For 2018

Apps that are destined to rake in money and fame are backed by solid pre and post app marketing strategy. Mobile app marketing is on the boom and according to Salesforce, 68% of the companies have integrated mobile marketing into their marketing strategies.

The importance of mobile app marketing is evident from the fact that by 2019, 72% of all U.S digital ad spending will be represented by mobile advertising. If you are on the verge to build an impeccable app, dive deep into creating a strategy of its pre and post-marketing or else, be prepared to see your app getting miserably failed.

The point to ponder is what are the features of the exact elements of a successful mobile app marketing strategy. To ease out the strategical part, here is a well-dwelled pre and post mobile app marketing strategy to make you conquer the marketing aspect of your app.

Before You Start

Before initiating the rigorous app marketing, planning is the first and foremost step to avoid any glitch. Set up realistic, optimistic and clear goals of marketing an app. Additionally, to step up the app marketing game, a thorough study focused on the right audience should be conducted. Now that the stage is all set to start a pre and post marketing app campaign, let’s get started.

Pre-App Marketing

Pre-marketing can chip in the enticing factor into your app’s hype. It is one of the finest ways to make the wait worth it by sharing information about apps in bits and pieces. What more you can do in the pre-app marketing phase? Read below.

Pre Website

You need to build the hype for your app and what’s more feasible than creating a pre-website that would be boasting the initial catchy insights of an app. Building the right audience for your app even before the launch is the best you can do to pre-market an app.

To grab the attention of the masses, the website should be powerful, robust and visually stunning. An app focused website will collect emails and traffic for future purposes.

Pre Content

Content is king and it will keep the throne for the next 10 years too. An app marketing strategy is of no use if it doesn’t include content marketing. The content strategy includes a blog, ebook, and social media marketing. Let us dwell step by step through the different aforementioned niches of content.


Blogging is one the best ways to leverage an app from mass marketing. Write blogs on an app and get them published on high DA websites. It will bring in more traffic and to add more value, it makes people familiar with an app even before its launch.


Another effective way of pre-marketing an app is creating an e-book of an app. It would cover all the pain points an app claims to cover. Fresh content with informative tone would be killer to get people read your e-book. Additionally, distributing an e-book will eventually gather heaps of email addresses of app-specific niche.

Social Media

Great social media copy or content spreads like a wildfire so why not make people feel the heat of an app. Create catchy, intriguing and highly engaging social media content with a hook. An appropriate hook will leave people in awe and they would be more than interested to get into the skin of your app.

Aware the masses why an app should be there on their mobile home screens and what they could get by installing an app in terms of emotional or financial gain. Publicizing an app before the launch will gather much hype and eyeballs for an app.

Eventually, all of the pre-content marketing campaigns would help in chipping more attention of the right digital audience for an app.

Demo Videos

Creating teasers or demos of an app is an extremely effective pre-launch strategy. Trigger the audiences by displaying some popular features of an app. While videos rake in more views than written content, it is an excellent way to display an app the way you want. This effort will get more exposure for an app along with squeezing better app online marketing results.

Craft app demos that includes exotic glimpses of an app. App demos are in trend and with increasing viewership on Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites, pre-launch app demos are ready to take on the mobile app marketing in 2018.

Influencer Marketing

Before launching an app, creating its buzz in the industry and among the people is a must. This is where influencer marketing comes into play. It may be expensive but once done it could gather results packed with great ROI.

Distribute the app among influencers and reviewers of the industry and enjoy tweets, retweets, posts, likes, comments and social media engagement on all platforms. Good word of mouth from influencers means the app will get the attention of their mass following too.

Bloggers, journalists, techpreneurs, and reviewers will appreciate getting initial access of an app and a mere tweet or Facebook post from them will get your app rank better and higher in the app store.

Soft Launch

This jargon includes two things. Beta testing and releasing an initial version of an app. You can’t be cent percent sure whether the app will receive a warm response or it might include tedious bugs. To attract early installers, you can offer certain rewards on hunting bugs in the app.

To gauge the reception and acceptance rate, consider a soft launch. It might be an early version of an app released globally or in certain defined cities or countries where the potential audience resides.

Post App Marketing

Now that you are well aware of pre-app marketing tactics, let us move to the difficult part that is post-app marketing. The app is launched, it is bagging good or average word of mouth and on top of all, the app is to be marketed with more efficiency, focus and sheer smart work.

App Store Optimization

Winning app downloads in the presence of billions of apps isn’t easy but implementing the right tactics such as going with a good game, localized page, catchy app preview videos, putting stunning app screens and an impeccable app description will get an app ranked fast.

App store optimization not only increases the visibility of an app in the app store but it also gets your app to more mobiles as better and upper ranking apps are more likely to get a good number of downloads.

Newsletters and Emails

Remember the emails you gathered while doing pre-app marketing? Now is the time to make use of them. Start emailing the potential audience which showed its interest in your app’s initial release. The email should be spot-on and precise covering the question “Why you should install this app”. Hence, email marketing is a decent and non-annoying medium to buzz users about an app.

Newsletters are best to chip in the attention of app users to let them know about the industry insights and app blog posts. The valuable information makes users stick to an app and this share of information makes them feel valued.

Fueling a post-marketing campaign with hefty money means better reach and spontaneous results. App to app marketing is one of the most used tactics to increase app reach and the number of app installs via Google Admob. Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing are great tools to increase the search engine ranking of an app.

Along with these excellent ways of paid marketing, social media marketing is one of the most efficient ways to gain app install from the niche specific users. When it comes to building brand awareness and reputation of an app, social media marketing is the key to success.

PR Outreach

When it is about creating mass awareness about an apps added feature or an improvement, press releases are of great value. They not only help to inform the latest happening about the app but they are important to keep the users and interested audience engaged in an apps latest offerings and tweaks.

An exclusive insight into the app and covering the buzz factor about it will always be loved by the users. Additionally, digital media coverage of an app gets in a more diversified critical review that is essential to fix bugs, glitches and certain un-identified errors in an app.

There’s a Lot More

Obviously, the world doesn’t end here nor the app marketing tactics. Several app marketers and influencers use other ways to market an app but the above-mentioned strategies are effective, result oriented and time-saving. All in all, marketing an app the right way is a serious job and to do it successfully, one has to be persistent, motivated, focused, and most importantly, experienced.

To market your next app, keep your marketing battalion ready to conquer every defining aspect of app marketing and to get bigger and better results, get ready to spend some serious amount of dollars. And after doing the app marketing the right way, sit back and relax to enjoy fame and fortune from your app.

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