Importance of Animation in App Design

Technology is expanding, ideas are fluttering so do the way of spreading information and news to the public. The smartest and fast way of communicating is a mobile application. Generally, businesses are accepting the idea of a mobile app for targeting the audience.

Thus, the animation is the most important part of an app, both for the users as well as for the business.

Humans are more likely driven by visual creatures as compared to the plainly written language. The animation is like a visual feast and certainly differentiates the app from the other competitors in the market.

Meanwhile, the animation is merely not for entertainment now, today, it is the most powerful tool for interaction.

But, what is animation?

The answer is, its a method in which pictures are manipulated to make them look like moving images. Animation certainly brings life to the mobile app design,

let’s figure out the importance of animation in app design:

A fun way of conveying the message

Animation can be used easily and expressively for conveying an important message, notification or any other story.

With it, users will pay more attention to the specific thing along with interacting and exploring more from the app. It is like a cherry on the top to the app design.

Feedback and interactions

Many of the apps are available in the market with the option of animated feedback in the form of cute icons, animated colors and enchanting effects.

Through animation, one can wait patiently while the page gets loaded. Moreover, with the dose of animation and elements of artificial intelligence, users can interact with the app for digging more information or news.

Seems live

Users get attracted to the things that have some real-life essence. The animation is like a living design that simply connects with the user through playing, understanding, speaking, imitating with them.

Thus, the animation is preferably used by big businesses and startups for developing their application. Hence, even here, animation holds its importance.

Transform interface

Though the animation is the most important part of an app, the concept becomes more purposeful and powerful for games and educational apps.

The animation will enable the user to connect more with it and understanding the concept respectively.

Option while waiting

Apps take time while uploading or updating, thus animation can become the bridge between the waiting time by users and the process.

This approach will at least engage the user in the app while reducing their frustration. If you are also planning to develop an app, it is important to know the top mobile app prototyping tools for great UX design.


How about adding a twist of animation to inform users. Animation can effectively be used to inform users about important notifications, information more interactively. The approach can able to communicate more precisely and clearly.

For navigation

Animations make the process of navigation easier and smoother. It can show users the connection between different elements, hence a creative icon or button can describe the particular function of the app.

Here, we are done with the importance of animation in an app. Now, there are certain

things that should be kept in mind while using animation for a mobile application.


Though one can experiment with certain kinds of animation while developing an app, it is always a smart thing to check the design trend first.

A user wants new things every now and then, make sure you know the trends in the market, otherwise, all the efforts and hard work will go in vain.

Ethical and social norms are a must

The world is full of different cultures, people, castes, religions, and regions. While developing an app, it is important to consider these things in mind apart from the technical aspect.

You definitely don’t want to lose any of your users due to insensitivity in your app. In many cases, users even report about insensitive content or things. Make sure, the animation should be perfect from every angle.

Tool for designing animation

There are a number of tools available in the market for motion design. Your choice of animation software should depend on your goals and budget.

Brand and target audience

No matter what, animation should match the product’s main idea and the target audience. Using animation in an app will become priceless when it is actually hitting the audience’s need along with precisely highlighting the idea of the brand.

We cannot deny the fact that animation plays an important role in any application. It becomes more relevant and amusing when it hits the right target along with showcasing business-main idea and goal. In short, a correct approach with a creative idea can make a business mark its presence in the market.

Featured image source: Freepik

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