Are 3D and HDTVs Really As Good As They Are Supposed to Be?

Are 3D and HDTV good to consider?

Ever since the Internet was invented and up until our present days, new technologies are in continuous development. In just a few decades, the world changed completely and this also changed the way we communicate, work, and have fun.

We have access to fast Internet connectivity wherever we go and new devices that are capable of communicating with each other. We also have fast computers, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs that can all be integrated with apps to make our lives easier. Still, do we need more?

Technologies like TVs seem to have hit a plateau phase where new features are difficult to create. Yet, every new season brings a new model on the market that is supposed to be better and faster than the previous.

For example, most of the latest TVs support HDTV or 3D (or both) to increase the viewing experience and immerse the user right in the middle of the action. But does this necessarily mean better?

How are HDTVs better?

The short answer is very simple: HDTVs provide us with better image quality. But let’s see why and how an HDTV is better than a regular TV. With HD television and devices capable of displaying it correctly, we were introduced to two important features that completely changed our perception of how good the image should be. The first feature is the screen aspect ratio or the widescreen (16:9) and the second feature is the resolution.

  • The widescreen is more natural to our eyes as we see the image better than with the old square format. Also, the screen is bigger and wider so we can see more detail.
  • The resolution is definitely the biggest sale point these days as producers try to increase the image quality over the known limits. An HDTV will support three main types of resolution (720p, 1080i, and 10180p) each one meaning more pixels on the screen. This allows us to see more detail in the image and makes movement smoother and more natural.

The first improvement you’ll notice after purchasing an HDTV is that you’ll be able to see Direct TV channels to the sharpest clarity possible. You will definitely notice a huge difference in image quality, colors, and overall experience.

So, in conclusion, the HDTV is definitely better and it managed to improve our entertainment habits quite a lot.

Do we really need 3D TVs?

3D is one of the latest selling points of cinematography but is it really something we need in our homes? Producers hoped that 3D TVs will be the next big thing but consumers proved them wrong. Even though the technology is not new to the market (see the history of 3D television) there are not that many innovative gadgets that allow us to use it with ease.

Sadly, 3D television is a dying breed when it comes to home use because it doesn’t offer us as much excitement and options as the HDTV. In conclusion, 3D may seem interesting at first, but you shouldn’t expect to use this feature all the time. It goes great with games and movies but the content is quite limited for now.

Both HDTVs and 3D TVs are products of innovation and technological discoveries that aim to make our entertainment sessions better and more enjoyable. Even though one type is more popular than the other, the future may bring new ideas and changes.

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