Automation Bathrooms: Ideas and Tips

While everyone is busy utilising new and advanced technologies in their living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, one space that is often being left out is the bathroom fittings.

What people don’t realise is that bathrooms can be as automated as the rest of the house or even more, if need be. There is high-tech innovation in the automation bathroom category. So let us explore what they are.

Update in Lights

Technology in lights has advanced a lot in the past some years. We now have such bulbs that require the bare minimum of energy. You can control them from your phones or you can get motion sensors installed. Motion sensors are a very resourceful and energy-efficient way of doing things. The lights turn on when you step inside the motion sensors’ zone and then they turn off automatically once you’ve stepped out. They can also sense when you require the automated lighting and how much of it do you need. In this way, you can both save time and be eco-friendly. Zipato ikasa is one such brand offering this in high quality. You can also use the WeMo app for switching the lights on or off from your phone at any time.

Auto-Fill Bathtubs

Auto fill tubs are tubs that fill themselves with water automatically. You can adjust the temperature and depth of the water from your phone and then it will keep it like that for whatever time you want. The pre-installed water heaters in them make sure that the water stays warm for longer durations. Auto-fill tubs have a water holder in them that ensures that no water slip away from there till you want it to. This is not all, though. You can also enjoy watching TV, surfing the net, listening to music with a surround sound system from the comforts of sitting in a whirlpool. There are many different categories in automated bathtubs, you need to choose them on the basis of how much you’re willing to spend. Aquafill, Grohe, Unique Automation are some of the brands that are offering these tubs.

High-tech Shower Systems

Hi-tech shower systems in bathroom
Hi-tech shower systems in bathroom and Autofill bathtubs (source –

This might be the most exhilarating part of bathroom automation. You can install high-tech shower systems in your bathrooms. These showers have many different kinds of waterfall shower heads and water jet options. You can use graphics, lights, and so much more in these showers to enhance the experience. To control them, you can either use remote, PC or mobile phones, according to the model. Some very high-end shower systems also offer you spa options. They are perfect for a 5-star hotel or a holiday-like experience. You can buy these showers from Moen, Grohe, etc.

Music System for Bathrooms

For those of you who want music everywhere and all the time, there is a great option for you now. You can listen to your favourite music in the bathroom through portable Bluetooth music systems or speakers. These speakers are waterproof and therefore fit for use in the bathrooms. There are options like iDuck  Wireless Waterproof Speakers, Braven BRV-1, etc to choose from. You can also get in-wall or ceiling speakers for a great acoustics feel.

Sound System in Bathroom
Sound System in Bathroom (source –

These are some of the ways by which you can turn your normal bathroom into a high-tech automation bathroom. We hope that you like our ideas! If you have any ideas or suggestion, please do list them in the comment section.

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