Why Backlinks Aren’t Improving Your Rankings

Importance of Backlinks in SEO rankings

You may have heard many times that you need to post links to have a higher rank. That is true! However, like many tools, that help you to increase your rankings, backlinking is not an exception, and it needs some strategic approach. Each of us can do backlinking.

Sometimes they help to boost site rankings, sometimes just the opposite. They do harm! Why? The reasons are a lot. Let us have a look which is the most common ones:

Good quality backlinks are the best Google ranking signals. We generally understand what quality is. However, how to differentiate it in the case of backlinks? You will surely notice some obvious indicators of quality. Among them, we can mention:

  • Source; Well! Backlinks help easily pass from other sources to your website. These sources can be social media platforms, comments, and most blog posts. The better and more relevant your source is, the higher your ranking will be. Your source should be trustworthy and have a high reputation among searchers in order not to damage your website. Never worry if you fail to orientate which source is best for you. E-commerce SEO services are always ready to help build backlinks for your website.
  • Frequency; Why too much of everything is bad? It can have many answers, indeed. However, most people will agree that it is so. Thus, if your links appear everywhere without any explanation or in the same place several times, it will surely be treated as spam (we will discuss it below). Anyway, the same in context can never bring harm to its quality.

Would you like to get good-quality backlinks? Are you busy doing it yourself? If yes, then ask any trusted eCommerce marketing company for your business growth.

The worst type of backlinks that lower the ranking of your website and drop its reputation in search engines! Here comes the connection with the quality backlinks. If you do not follow special tactics, Google will detect your backlinks as spam. It can even take special actions to diminish your website in search engine results.

This is famous as the Google Penguin Algorithm. It struggles against bad content and tries to keep the internet safe. However, the wrong SEO tactic in winning the competition can have a negative impact.

To avoid this misunderstanding and keep your website safe, you are supposed not to ignore some important things. Try to avoid appearing in public attention negatively, and people look at your website as spam. It will 100% lower your website ranking.

Your Content Is Poor

We have come to one of the most important points. Content! Content has been dominant in marketing for many years. Well, how it is now? Old but gold. Surely, eCommerce companies will agree that it continues to be one of the most powerful strategies.

Why is it so important? The answer is one! It informs. What do we do when we want to buy something? We seek information. Thus, it is the best source of information for potential buyers.

If your information is poor, old, and does not give the answers to all the queries, your website will fail for sure. You can never have the chance to be the “leader” of those of your competitors. Backlinks are signals to search engines to reach your content.

That is also one of the reasons that your content must be worth earning your backlinks. If not, it can bring a negative image to the reader. Content writing has many tools. You can follow these tools, anyway; never forget to put your uniqueness into it.

What tips do you need to take into consideration? There are a lot. So many that not all of these we can mention at once. You yourself can understand which is best for you and for your audience. Here is one “BUT” that must be equal for everyone, regardless of business type. It must be:

  • Readable
  • Educational
  • Unique
  • Informative

Maybe you will think that the more your backlinks will be, the sooner your website will grow its ranking. If you are not aware of some tactics, you will surely think so. Am I right? However, this is not the right approach. Mostly, the websites that have fewer backlinks can rank higher than the ones that have a lot.

The reason is quality. Irrelevant backlinks can be very harmful to not only your ranking but your website as well. How many are considered too many? Nobody knows the exact number.

Putting a great impact on the quality, you run the risk of harming your own SEO, as, by accident, you may mention backlinks via other pages, which contain spam and are suspicious. Remember, quality always wins the quantity.

A website that has high trust among its visitors can leave a positive impact if its audience follows the link and engages with your website. Although it is difficult to give an exact number (you will feel it yourself which is best for you), if you want not to fail, it is better to go slow and steady than hurry and make a real mess. The whole process should be ongoing.

Not natural texts and Diversity

How to find natural and unnatural anchor texts?
Do you think that backlinks should exactly match the context?

No, of course. One of the most important things is staying in context. Your backlinks should appear in a natural way. One needs to build them in the relevant text. The whole meaning can vary, but with proper usage, it can bring a very high rank. This is like a link game. During this process, never forget about diversity.

It is also equally important. Mentioning the same source as well can affect negatively. Google will more ”appreciate” the ones that come from different sources. Concentrating all efforts on one area, you will be failed.

Here we can remember a phrase from the novel “Don Quixote”, which says, “It is part of a wise man to keep himself today for tomorrow, and not venture all his eggs in one basket.”

Well, do you find these steps your key to success?
Do you see how important it is to stay off from bad content?
Are you ready to build your reputation?

If yes, think deeply. It is better to have a qualified, trustworthy website and long-lasting business growth rather than fast and short. Sometimes time on its own can build your success.

There are many methods for clearing up bad backlinks and keeping your ranking safe. It may take much time and some effort; however, remember that everything that is done for your website’s reputation is the key to your success.

Never give up following and checking every detail, as backlinking is a process, which can do a lot for the improvement of your website. If not, it means that you missed an action. The ranking is the most essential tool of SEO; it makes your business more accessible and enlarges your sales.

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