Battle of the Standing Desks

Anyone who is being productive through the use of laptops needs a table that can suit their needs. The market for adjustable tables is pretty good right now. For health reasons standing tables are also quickly becoming popular. Here are two Kickstarter projects worth taking a look at, not only because of the products they’re offering, but the price at which they are offering them.

iMovR isn’t an unknown name in the table designing business, they have been in the market for a long time now and have introduced their new Upsilon Compact Electric Standing Desk for only $588. The price is very mouthwatering for anyone who values a good adjustable table. The significant features of the table include the size; 48” wide and 24” deep which makes it suitable for the tiniest spaces. The company has made a conscious attempt to focus on certain features like quality, noise signature, travel speed, stability and height adjustment range. The research for the table design and quality came from the medical industry; the team took inspiration from there and designed this table. The noise signature is less than 41dB, there are no sharp edges making the table safe for the user and the people around him especially if there are children. Table adjustment speed is 1.3 inches/second, height adjustment is the most versatile aspect of this table, and it’s suitable for children and for adults as tall at 6’4”.

iMovr - Office Standing Desk
iMovr – Office Standing Desk

Coming to the visually appealing features, there are a variety of table top choices in color and features and two options for the stand. The tables comes with three warranty schemes, and is “future proofed”, wherein you can add features or upgrade the capacity of your table by adding wheels, or adjust width to add a broader table top. All tables are FedEx and are charged for the shipment. The product is scheduled to officially be shipped from Sept 2015. Right now it only has 41 backers on Kickstarter, and the company has created desk reward levels as low as $375for backers on Kickstarter! Their Kickstarter project information has more content talking down at other products than about the table itself. Which is appalling to me as a blogger, a good product designer can speak about their own product without having to spread negative energy on others or list out “warnings” for the consumer!

$399 Electric Standing Desk- The Upsilon on Kickstarter from

The other table in the spotlight that is doing better with 319 backers also on Kickstarter is the world’s first smart table with AI by Robotbase. This table is about living a healthy lifestyle and looks incredibly chic. The Autonomous Desk is smart, it adjusts to your height automatically, it also reminds you to stand and take a break from sitting. The size of the table top is 30”x53”,with height ranges of 24”-50”, the stand width is 27.5” at the bottom. Users can talk to the autonomous table and save height choices in the memory pad. This table also has a smooth curve helping you fit better into the table while you work; there are no sharp edges to the table also. You can charge your phone wirelessly with the port on the table, also there is a USB charging port option. A built in HD speaker and bag hanger is also present at the base of the table. There are a selection of finishes, table top material/color choices and stand choices to select from.

Robotbase - Office Standing Desk
Robotbase – Office Standing Desk

What truly sets this table apart is that it has companion Apps for both iOS and Android users, and it is way cheaper at $400! The price point is so low because they’re shipping directly omitting the middleman cost. The company is set to officially start distribution in July 2015. The information on their Kickstarter is way interesting and convincing. The table is unique, and provides a lot of features that are exclusive.

Autonomous Desk: The Smartest Office Desk Yet, Powered By AI

While there are certain differences in the specs of both the tables, it comes down to the needs and affordability of the user. The latter is a table for serious working people, who spend a great deal of time on a table, the features are complex and professional. One may not require a table with such features for casual home use, but the price point is very tempting. Upsilon Compact Electric Standing Desk though more expensive is great for smaller spaces, and for families or multiple users, especially children. With every smart table comes the issue of dependency, a table that reminds you to take a break or of a meeting that is scheduled is practical for many reasons but also can create long term dependency. Besides, those features can be found on ample apps already available.

So, what would it be for you?

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