Standing Desks – A Boon or Bane?

Standing Desks - Would you pick the right table for a healthy life?

Necessity is the mother of invention, and standing desks have stemmed from this very saying. Sitting for excessively long hours has eaten up the physical activity of our generation.

While many of us try to hit the gym and be healthy, we are getting too tired just sitting and working. But are standing desks the answer to our poor posture, and health? And how do we select a desk when there’s so much variety?

There are several things to consider before embarking on purchasing any standing desk for yourself. You have to understand that these desks don’t come cheap, and just like any gym equipment, you have to make sure you use them also.

Some desks may work better in an office environment than at home, some that have fewer settings and are practical for families to purchase. In a previous post, I had compared two standing desks, and today we shall look into a few more and try to focus more on which one is suitable for whom.

Kangaroo Pro Junior

This table looks professional at first sight. It is meant for those who are familiar and have already understood their standing strengths and limitations. The Jr. version of this Kangaroo desk is smaller in size, is available only in black, and isn’t designed for mounting laptops.

It’s mainly for holding monitors and for professional work. Some practical features of the table include the detachable side work surfaces and optional keyboard extensions. You may want this at your work rather than home, as it isn’t flexible with mounting laptops and has a very heavy-duty look that may not fit into a home environment.

Up Desk Up Write

Simple, that’s the adjective to describe this table. It doesn’t do anything fancy, moves up and down, isn’t available in ten finishes and colors, but what it is; it is practical for homes.

What sets this table apart is its erasable whiteboard work surface (30″ x 60″). You can jot down notes, draw sketches, doodle, and personalize it to your liking. The surface works fine with both wet and dry erase markers and cleans up easily.

What is not simple about this desk is its price tag; it retails at $1149 without shipping. You can reduce $300 from the price by opting for the table’s motorized version instead of the electronic version.

The table does come with a 5-year warranty but is the most simple and suitable desk for homes where children and elders can all use the table, and the table itself wouldn’t look like a gizmo from planet workaholic.

Jarvis desk

Jarvis is a sit-stand desk; it is beautifully crafted and can be customized to your liking in terms of the manufacturer’s additional features. This is a desk that has caught quite a bit of rave in the blogosphere.

It comes with 12 tabletop finishes to choose from; it is meant for those who do serious work at home. The appealing features of this table are the options you have in making it practical for you,

  • Apart from the up-down switch, you can opt for an upgraded memory preset handset option
  • Custom wire management grommet holes in the desktop
  • Wire management bundle put together by the team to help organize all loose wires
  • J2 monitor arm for single and dual mounting of monitors
  • CPU holders of two types
  • Swivel pencil tray etc.
What If…

While the standing desk culture might be the new excitement in the market, it’s all about balance. How many hours you spent standing, how it affects your body, and what work you perform are critical considerations to keep in mind.

At the end of the day, the idea is to be productive without compromising on your health, and for that, you need to be in tune with your body, its capacity, and how to work with a standing desk to maximize productivity.

Keeping a sitting/standing desk at home is a good idea, as we are not as stressed at work, and desks that can accommodate the needs of all members of the house provide flexibility too, they are more cost-effective in terms of return on investment.

What have been your experiences with a standing desk? Is this concept your cup of tea?

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