Benefits of Using a Portable, Wireless POS Printer

Portable Wireless POS Receipt Printer

Mobile wireless printers are a great addition to any business. They allow you to print from anywhere in the office or in an outdoor location through a wireless connection. If you need a wireless printer, here is what you need to know before you make a purchase.

Who Needs a Mobile Printer?

Anyone who has a mobile business will require a mobile POS receipt printer, states GeekSays. You may have a food truck, a pop-up store, or a small stall at a local flea market. No matter what business you have, you have to give your customers receipts for legal reasons.

Receipts are also necessary to help you with your accounting and taxes. With a portable printer and a tablet-POS system, you can generate receipts with every transaction. In case you want it, a digital email receipt is also emailed to the customer’s email id through the POS system.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Portable Wireless POS Receipt Printer

The immediate benefits of a portable, wireless POS system are listed below:

  • Small Size – Unlike conventional receipt printers, mobile versions are very small and completely portable, states VDC Research. An average printer weighs about five pounds and measures 13″ x 7″ and 3″ high. Compact printers are also available and they may be smaller. However, when the printer size is reduced, the manufacturer usually reduces the features offered in the printer. If you require a specific size, contact a POS vendor like Shopify and ask for a specific printer size.
  • Compatibility – Wireless printers usually work with nearly every operating system, according to the Houston Chronicle. They use wireless connections to interact with your store’s POS system and print receipts. To ensure compatibility, it would be a good idea to buy your printer from the same vendor who sold you the POS system.
  • Multiple Printing – Wireless printers can be attached to many billing devices at the same time. If you have a store with mobile POS billing stations, the printer can sync with all tablets or mobiles and print receipts for all customers.
  • Performance – Wireless printers are very fast. These printers demonstrate impressive printing quality and printing speed. Depending on your requirements, a receipt printer can generate about five pages per minute. Faster printers are also available and some models can generate up to 16 pages per minute ranging up to 25 pages per minute. However, for a small business owner, a printer that generates 10 pages per minute is more than enough.
  • Connectivity – Printers use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect to computers, tablets, or smartphones to print POS receipts. Some versions also have an option of printing directly from compact digital storage cards. The specifications will vary but small printers will usually have the bare minimum features.
  • Battery Power – Wireless printers can work anywhere from eight hours to ten hours on a single battery charge. You will get corded versions and battery versions and this is very useful for businesses that are always on the move.
  • Durable – Most printers are extremely durable and made to last. They will resist minor spills and dings. But if you drop the printer on to a hard cement surface, there is nothing much that can be done.

Although wireless printers are quite good, they are not without their drawbacks. The receipt printers are small and they take a lot of wear and tear. Some models cannot bear up to the load and breakdowns are common. As the receipt printers are portable, they are hauled from one place to another increasing the risk of damage.

Worker carelessness may result in permanent printer damage. Apart from this, small wireless printers may be expensive. In the IT world, the smaller the device, the more expensive it will be.

This rule applies to portable printers as well. Generally, small printers are about 20% more expensive compared to traditional printers. But, do check with your POS vendor when you decide to buy a receipt printer.

Choosing the Right Receipt Printer

There is no perfect system for any business. Before selecting any wireless printer, browse the different models available on the market. Read reviews, ratings, and testimonials from consumers and critics alike.

Compare rates on rate comparison websites before making your final decision. Don’t forget to check with your POS vendor as well. POS vendors already have several printer models that will be readily compatible with your POS system.

A wireless receipt printer is a useful device if you have a mobile business, according to Entrepreneur. It can link to your mobile or tablet POS system and generate bills immediately for your customer.

Most printer models are lightweight and easy to operate. Due to their relatively small size, they can easily be snuggled away in a corner – happily printing receipts for you on-demand in any situation.

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