Best Forex Apps on Google Play Store

Forex Trading for beginners

Investing in the stock market and Forex stocks can be a perfect way to earn a little bit of extra money and whilst it does involve a large amount of skill, experience, training, and knowledge for those people who are looking to make a lot of money.

It can actually be used to make small amounts of extra money if a little research is done by somebody who almost has no prior experience with stock market trading and new, useful apps can help along the way with this.

These apps will not provide a different means or completely replace online programs/trading platforms, such as CMC markets, but there is no doubt that they will help the user with their Forex trading. This article will bring attention to the best Forex apps currently available on the Google play store.

Below is the list of Best Forex Apps on the Google Play Store

FOREXTrader App

It is worth mentioning that there is actually an official Forex app that is available for download on the Google play store, FOREXTrader, which is very easy to use and gives access to a wide range of data and you know it is accurate because it is the official app of Forex trading.

Bloomberg App

One of the most popular apps to assist in Forex trading is the renowned Bloomberg app used by many for financial information and possible tips to use for the up-and-coming investor.

The easy-to-use format makes it easy for users to view financial news on different companies to invest in potentially and predictive charts and trends of the stock prices that can really give a great bit of extra help and insight whilst trading.

MetaTrader App

MetaTrader is another very well-known mobile app available on the Google play store, which is derived from the PC program that many people have used. The PC program has been reportedly very well translated and transitioned into the mobile smartphone app world. Many people now use the service because it is more convenient than booting up the PC program.

Acorns App

For those people who are completely new to trading online, there is a new and unique app on the Google Play store, known as “Acorns,” and this can actually be used to make small amounts of money without you actually lifting a finger, with minimal effort and a minimum spend.

The way the app works is by using any spare change from your everyday investments. For example, if you spent £9.79 on something, the app would round this up to £10.00 and use the extra 21p to invest in a small company or stock for you, with the aim being to try and make you a small amount of money in the process.

This app will not make you rich in a hurry, but it will provide you with a means of making a small amount of extra cash, with, as stated, minimum spending and almost without lifting a finger.

Trade Interceptor App

Unlike the Acorns app that has been previously described, Trade Interceptor is perhaps more for the experienced traders amongst us that would like to take their trading a lot more seriously. However, it remains fairly easy to read and provides live information, graphs, trends, and many other tools for analyzing Forex trading.

E*TRADE Mobile App

This Forex trading mobile app provides lots of information, and many users can use it to help Forex traders. The app has been commended for its very easy-to-use and intuitive user interface for the app user.

FX Currency App

This app could have been traditionally used to give a wide range of currency conversions within seconds. In fact, it has evolved recently into a full-blown Forex trading app, supporting lots of charts that provide the user with a lot of real-time data on trading in the stocks, with a lot of historical data on many different companies and indices, etc., that can be used to assist any Forex trader.

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