How To Master The Popular Bohemian Home Decor After Marriage!

Bohemian home decor ideas

It is rightly said by Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn rightly said, “If I get married, I want to be very married.” Every newlywed couple wants their humble abode to be very cozy and filled with things that match their aura of love and passion.

And this decor has to be planned very cautiously as the significance of home is linked with sheer joy and contentment. To help you plan this exact home decor, we took inspiration from the top wedding planners in Delhi. The colorful and fresh wedding visuals can be a part of your home with the help of vibrant and quirky Bohemian decor.

The Bohemian decor is chiefly inspired by the gypsies who live freely, without any foundations, and close to Mother Nature. “Enjoying life as it comes” is one of the most popular ideologies of the group. This interior follows a similar dogma and has different elements making the decor complete.

In bohemian decor, each piece has a background story and a separate significance. So usually, it is not color-coordinated or design-centric but more of an eccentric decor consisting of poppy colors and intricately decorative motifs. This makes it stand out and exert a high sense of aura, giving out positive and refreshing energy.

Pick A Color

Why not start with the basics of the basics? Yes, we are talking about color selection. As mentioned above, Bohemian decors are filled with a variety of items and embellishments that bring out the aura of a cozy place. But there are three ways to deal with the color of the interior and decorate your house on this basis.

Either you go full color with the theme, or you choose a particular color and arrange the items according to the selected color, or you can also opt for an attractive and bright color palette and contrast and match items accordingly.

If you are planning to go colorful, then this will be the easiest one to implement as you need to gather very bright and multicolored items and arrange them in your home. Just remember, in this no color should dominate the other color.

And if you are going for a single color, then it is a minimalistic way. Here, you can balance the bright color with the white interior. The best way to implement this method is by using white space of the interior and decorating it with exotic and exquisite colorful items of one particular color.

Lastly, a specific color palette involves cautious matching and contrasting details. You should strictly adhere to the chosen colors and add the zest of colors accordingly.

Natural Elements

The Gypsy culture inspires this theme, which makes the main motive of this decor the freshness and the positive aura. The best way to depict this motive in decoration ideas is by involving botanicals in the interior.

It might sound very bizarre to a lot of people, but it is an essential factor as the decor is close to Mother Nature. So, you can add fresh plants as the tabletops or keep them as the centerpiece. The best option would be to add a plant with colorful flowers blooming in it as the highlight of the desired rooms.

You can also have a shelf covered with colorful Aztec cloth and decorated with small cactus species to add the natural element. Moreover, you can place small plants on the corner of the stairs to embellish the staircase.

Choice Of Fabrics

Another important thing that comes into play is the choice of fabric added to the small details or to the negative spaces. The choice of fabrics and their colors can change the atmosphere in an instant and contribute to the bohemian decor immensely.

The beautifully designed carpets lay on the floor, the bright and contrasting velvet walls or bed sheets can add a lot to the decor, the colorful and sheer curtains can provide an airy look and many more such things.

In bohemian decor the prints also play a very important role, so you can experiment with various types of prints to bring out the theme more. You can add Moroccan designs, abstract designs, rustic paintings, mirror prints, and symmetrical motifs to complete the cozy look!

Adding Some Souvenirs

The next thing is to add some souvenirs from every journey you take. You should always buy a few quirky handicrafts of any kind of memoir that can help you reminiscence the trip forever.

And the best thing is to add it to your home. Whether it is a Russian doll, colorful fridge magnets, or a straw hat, every minute detail will hold a beautiful significance and a unique back story. This will add an emotional side to your intimate home décor.

Furniture And Layering

It goes without saying that furniture is a significant factor and provides a proper structure to the interior. The grandeur and emphasis on furniture play an important role. So, when you are going for bohemian decor, then you must choose wooden furniture for your home.

As the wooden furniture provides a proper rustic and antique look, it can be an excellent addition to the theme. You can use low-lying furniture because it will highlight the cozy and carefree attitude more.

Layering is the basic method to utilize space artistically and decoratively. You are at benefit because the theme helps you to add up as many items as you can without any worries. You can contrast and layer accordingly, you can layer prints on solid colors, or play with various types of textures to dramatize the interior. These small details are layered together to help your eyes to observe them collectively and relish the personal space easily.

Big Windows And Mirrors

Another chief feature of this interior is the spacious and airy atmosphere backed with a broad source of light. To implement this breezy vibe, you can have big windows here and there in your home for the perfect bohemian look. You can also pair these big windows with multiple mirrors decorated and cut in Moroccan style.

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