3 Tactics That will boost Your Instagram Engagement and grow your following

Instagram is the first choice for brands or businesses to market their products and connect with their customers. This photo and video sharing app have 500 million active users in a month with 4.1 billion likes each day. Instagram has more ratio of pre-follower interaction than social media giant Facebook. It shows that there are a lot of potentials when it comes to user engagement.

But how to get more followers on Instagram? Don’t fret, we have outlined some tactics that will help you to improve your engagement and grow your fan base.

How to get more followers on Instagram:

Here we will cover 3 most important tactics to grow your following in less time. Let’s have a look that how to get more followers on Instagram.

Always have a call to action.

Let your followers know what you want them to do using CTA (call to action). There are fewer choices while you are going to post on Instagram- either you can create a text image with a built-in call to action or out CTA in your image’s caption.

Posting your product’s photos and telling your existing followers and viewers to double tap their favorite product that will result in a ‘like’. Also, ask your fans to tag your friend who would like it or tag any person who does the same silly things etc. Your loyal followers will definitely tag their friends.

Reach more people with hashtags.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, use proper and relevant hashtags on your Instagram posts. You can also find any hashtag and get the ideas to create more interesting content. Moreover, you can also develop your own hashtag to increase your brand awareness.

Try to make sure to use most relevant hashtags that help you to get more followers. Use hashtags that your potential user would search for on Instagram. You can leverage popular hashtags that work best across every niche such as #mondaymotivation #wednesdaywisdom and #throwbackthursday.

For building engagement in instagram, do whatever that your audience wants to see but at the right time. The hashtag is the way to get your post in front of the target audience.

Experiment with your captions:

However, Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform but you can use it to take advantage of the written word i.e. captions. Consider tying your captivating images into storytelling or something interesting and amusing.

There is 2000 characters limit to write your caption, so try to experiment with your captions with your unique ideas and make every word worthy. Never underestimate the power of words as a mix of compelling words and beautiful images drives the most popular posts.

But if you have already massive following count or even you can get real instagram followers from instaboostgram, shorter captions work best. Use shorter and longer captions and see what works great for your audience. Also, mention your bio URL at the end of your caption.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to add a clickable link within the captions but you can change the link in your bio at any time. Use call to action in your captions to get more likes and comments.

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