Growing Things Naturally: How to Boost Your Website’s Organic Rankings

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Growing things organically is often perceived as a good thing to do and that is an approach that you can take when it comes to boosting your website’s rankings and putting your business in a more prominent position.

Here is a look at some of the ways you can boost your website’s organic rankings, including an insight into strategies like optimizing keywords, improving meta descriptions, and how to use ALT tags proficiently.

No shortcuts

The first thing to point out is that there is no proven magic formula that will allow you to climb the rankings almost overnight and hit the top of the rankings for search relevancy.

Building a better search engine ranking is something that has to be done organically and over a period of time, but while there are no specific cheats or shortcuts you can deploy to specifically speed up the process there are a number of tactics to use that will get you where you want to be in a reasonable period of time.

It pays to remember that major search engines like Google are very guarded about how their rankings really work but the basic core principle is that these search engines are intended to provide users with a set of results that are not only as relevant as possible but provide the greatest value.

Understanding that simply using keywords as a blunt instrument won’t really help you to grow your online business should help you to focus on using a variety of SEO initiatives and that is the way to boost your organic rankings.

Identify your current search engine weaknesses

One of your first tasks, before you set about trying to boost your ranking, is to see where you currently stand.

You can use this information to see areas where you need to improve and target weak results that need to be boosted in order to improve your site’s overall ranking.

Refine your keyword list

Although it is not a great idea to use keywords as a scatter-gun approach to hitting the right search engine results and raising your ranking you can use the data you have gathered to refine and define a keyword list that is as relevant and powerful as possible.

Using Google keyword planner is certainly a way to help you with this task and help you achieve your aim of producing a keyword list that manages to draw in the most appropriate traffic to your website and boost your ranking.

Try to work out which keywords will help drive conversions and what keywords are most likely to generate content in order to deliver results in ranking and traffic.

Make sure your title tags are relevant

Another relevant strategy that you should consider looking at is to ensure that every page of your website has relevant title tags.

Keep the number of characters used in each title to below fifty as this will help to avoid truncation by search engines. The purpose of title tags is to let a search engine know what information is on that page so take the time to choose keywords and phrases that closely align with what your audience is most likely to be looking for in their search terms.

Encouraging click-throughs

You could be forgiven for overlooking meta descriptions to a certain extent when you consider that it isn’t a direct ranking factor, but it does have a role to play in your organic strategy.

Work on giving your meta descriptions a bit of a makeover and if you manage to create sales copy that is persuasive enough it should have the positive effect of encouraging more people to click through to a certain web page.

A good trick is to use your target keywords in the meta description as Google will bold them which makes it stand out more to people searching the web.

ALT tags can play a key role

Finally, don’t ignore the importance of alt tags because they can play a pivotal role in improving your page ranking even though it is not something visual when an image is displayed on a web page.

Always look to keep the text short and make sure you mention the page topic in your ALT tag description.

If you follow some of these simple but effective strategies you should end up making a positive contribution toward boosting your website’s organic ranking.

It might take a little bit of time to see the results come to fruition but growing things naturally works when it comes to achieving success with your website.

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