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With competition in the consumer markets reaching new heights, more and more products are entering the market and filling the shelves of your supermarket or malls. In this light, the question that the companies face is, how does one get the EDGE?

Well, numerous strategies are being tried out such as viral marketing, innovative advertising but something that is gaining grounds steadily is Sensory Branding. This is being used by many companies as a part of their branding activities.

So, then what is sensory branding? These are activities or initiatives undertaken by the companies to create some sort of impact on the senses of the consumer by choosing a message which is propagated through a medium which appeals to one of the five senses depending on the product or service.

The primary idea of Sensory branding is to create a high brand recall among the consumers. It also implies introducing the product, going beyond the product marketing and embarking on the consumer’s faculties. The idea could also be to achieve a product differentiation strategy in the process at a time where in the markets are getting crowded with products.

Some of the initiatives which have been undertaken in this area are:



arrahman_airtel.jpg Airtel , through its signature tune composed by AR Rahman. Following Airtel’s footsteps are numerous other telecom companies.



ICICI Bank too has an initiaive of this sort wherein every time a person calls an ICICI employee they get to hear the ringtone of the concerned company & the same applies to Big Bazaar.
So, in the days to come, one would get to see more innovative forms of branding initiatives undertaken by the companies to get an edge over their competitors!!

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