Breaking Digital Gridlock: A Must Read Book for Financiers

Breaking Digital Gridlock - John Best

In an era where all the small- to large-scale companies are undergoing a digital transformation, the digital benefits are numerous not only for companies but also for their customers. At the same time, digital technologies come with certain undeniable threats.

According to Forbes, 84% of companies fail at digital transformation. In the book, Breaking Digital Gridlock, the author John Best educates and prepares you for the best and worst of shifting to digital, in the most simple and unexpected ways.

Firstly, I am extremely pleased to receive an original copy of the book. All thanks to Mr. John Best’s warm and welcoming team. The book was originally published in February 2018.

Breaking Digital Gridlock: A Book on Digital Transformation
Breaking Digital Gridlock: A Book on Digital Transformation

Breaking Digital Gridlock provides a fresh outlook on digital transformation, as it throws light on the significance of new and innovative technologies in businesses, and importance of adapting to technological changes and switching to digital technologies, in the present times and in the near future, for financial institutions (as well as companies in general) to keep the organizations moving forward.

The book is broken down into six different segments, each explaining about the specific area covered, along with myths about going digital, challenges and threats faced by the (small-scale) companies, as well as preparing organizations to deal with the problem areas.The book covers technological topics, including Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Open Banking or API, and Data Security, and their applications in banking and financial companies, to improve their digital future.

Book Review: Breaking Digital Gridlock

The author impressively shed light on how to productively use local resources with special knowledge, for increasing speed and agility, and cost reductions, within an organization.

Also, how to identify the difference between evolutionary and revolutionary technologies, and adopt them to bring productivity to an organization, be it as complex as choosing the right cloud platform for your business or as simple as enhancing a product/service offered by your company, to prevent digital gridlock.

I have an inordinate fondness for technology-related books that offer mind-engaging and knowledge-enriching information. The book, Breaking Digital Gridlock, provided a new perspective on various realms pertaining to operating a successful company.

As soon as you read the book, you will be able to point out the areas of trouble in your organization, which becomes easy to immediately start finding solutions for the problem areas. I am glad that the book didn’t disappoint me, although I would have enjoyed reading more about applications of digital technologies in non-financial organizations as well. There could be a book 2 dedicated to that, you never know.

Book Review: Breaking Digital Gridlock
Book Review: Breaking Digital Gridlock

The book is a perfect guide for organizations considering digital transformation and for people operating in the financial or banking industry, whether you are the owner or CEO of a banking company or an employee serving in a financial company. I would also recommend this book to people looking to expand their banking knowledge or those wanting to understand the application of these technologies in their businesses.

John Best is an expert in financial technology and
John Best is an expert in financial technology and “outside the box” innovator

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